Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Your Questions About Service Boot Camp Answered

Handmade cards from my Visiting Teacher...Thank you, Amy Jo!

First order of business:  I have to give credit where credit is due...Steve came up with the idea to do a letter writing Service Boot Camp!  (So, thank HIM!)  I failed to mention that.  Truthfully, he's my confidant in all things, so I generally run a lot of things by him that go up on my blog anyway.  We usually come up with ideas simultaneously, because we just think alike.  Sometimes, we cannot remember who had an idea first, because we think so similarly.

Second, I'd like to address a few questions you've asked about Service Boot Camp:

Unas Tontarias said... QUESTION - For the boot camp will you be writing a letter EVERY DAY? Is that how it will work? Great idea! Just want to make sure I can do it if I pledge to do it! :D Thanks!!
Great question, Unas...It is NOT necessary to write a letter EVERY day...unless you want to.  If you can write just one note to someone in the month of February, you are officially enrolled in Service Boot Camp!  But I will be talking about it every day and giving you incentives (giveaways) and ideas every day to help you complete your letters...whether you manage to write one or 28. 

Lisa said... So excited to do this this year. Last year I just enjoyed the wonderful things you did, but now I am ready to serve. Can we ever mix in a little something else that isn't letter writing?

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...What a bright new recruit you are!  Going straight to the head of the class, I see!  :)  Yes, of course, you can mix in some real, hands-on service during the month as well...and I will take your lead and find ways to incorporate some other acts of service in addition to letter writing as well in my posts...for those who are ultra-ambitious!

Lindsey the Muse-r said...I am super excited about this! It'll be my first service boot camp...I have a little corner of my white board devoting to writing names down of people I need to write a thank you/letter to and I only every actually sit down once every three months to do it. Shameful. Now I can knock that list out...

Yes, start a list and put it where you won't forget!  Also start a little letter writing station for yourself with a good pen and "forever" stamps!

Lin Floyd said...If emails will count, I'm in. Alreadys reading B of M daily plus journaling but think I can handle a thank you email too. Thanks for the push.

Emails are acceptable, but writing a letter is preferred.  Part of the challenge in this boot camp will most likely be finding mailing addresses for the people who you write to, but I will go over ways to find addresses in a future post.  You'll have to become a super-sleuth in some instances, but it'll be fun, I promise.  In the end, an email is much better than no mail at all, right, so don't let that hold you back from participating.

Now to announce the winner of yesterday's giveaway...the tandem bike card from The Canton Box Company.  The winner is:  

Delina said... 29  "Love it!! You are such an inspiration for the better!! Thank you!"

Congratulations, Delina!  Please email me your mailing address so you can receive your prize!


  1. All of those cards are adorable- I really love all the different cupcake ones for some reason- they're cute.

  2. Good questions, all.

    And I'm ready to rumble...