Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just feel like thinking right now.

Not writing and thinking.

Not talking and thinking.

Not reading and thinking.

Not watching TV and thinking.

Not thinking because I can't sleep.

Just plain old thinking.

Do you ever take time to think while you do nothing else?

That's all I feel like doing tonight.


Here are the winners of two giveaways from this week!

Household Letter Writing Set
Winner of the Household Letter Writing Set:  Comment #9

erohde said... 9

"I have started a new "project" each week writing a letter to someone who has ment something to me in the past. Roommate, cousin, friend, teacher, ect. It has been fun to remember all the memories connected to each person and at that time in my life."

Atlas Map 4 Bar Envelopes set of 10
Winner of Atlas Envelopes:  Comment#11:

Stefanie said... 11

"Whuv, tuwoo whuuv, ish whad bwings ush togevah today"


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