Monday, February 21, 2011

"I Am Not Left-Handed"

My hand is still wrapped, making it difficult to write my thank you notes.
(and difficult to type)

A small set-back.

Have you ever written with the opposite hand?  I have been writing left-handed now for over a week, and I'm getting sort of good at it.  I've also been eating left-handed, which has staved off my normal gorging!  And a doctor friend of mine told me that using your left hand on occasion can stave off dementia as well.

I don't know about you, but I could use that kind of insurance.

It's true that I love The Princess Bride.  I am fairly certain that there is a quote in the movie that can be used in pretty much any situation in life.  It is also true that I have used every opportunity possible recently to interject that "I am not left-handed."  If it wasn't so difficult to type, I'd turn this whole post into a scene from the movie...but alas...

I looked online just now for an image from the movie and discovered this t-shirt which depicts one of the greatest fight-scenes in movie history.  ( my humble, if not misguided, opinion.)
(My apologies to anyone reading this who is anti-PB!)  

Inigo Montoya t-shirt Prepare to dieHello Inigo Montoya T-shirt Princes sBrideDread Pirate Roberts T-shirt Princess Bride

I am still trying to figure out what I am supposed to be learning from my thumb injury.  Perhaps it is that I need to develop skills that I have allowed to go dormant in order to strengthen myself as a whole?  You know, work to make strengths out of my weaknesses.  Maybe the lesson is to slow down and be careful about what I am doing.  Or perhaps I am just supposed to beware of R.O.U.Ses? I don't know.

In other news, I hope you are keeping up with your letter-writing and reading.
(Try to read though Mosiah 26 today.)

If you are, then give yourself an entry for today's giveaway by commenting on this post.

Atlas Map 4 Bar Envelopes set of 10

I thought that these upcycled atlas envelopes by Bugaboo Gifts were the bomb, and just had to have them for a giveaway here in Service Boot Camp this month.

Kelly of Bugaboo Gifts makes a lot of cool paper products, 
like these upcycled rigid mailers for instance:

Upcycled Rigid Mailer Envelopes set of 10

They've got me cookoo for cocoa-puffs, if you know what I'm saying.

Upcycled Rigid Mailer Envelopes set of 10

The winner will receive a set of atlas envelopes shown above.

To Enter do any of the following:

1.  Leave a comment with your favorite Princess Bride quote.

2.  Visit Bugaboo Gifts.

3.  Mail a letter today (or if you mail one over the weekend that counts too.)

4.  Keep up with your reading!

5.  Build a snowman...which is what I am going to do right!

Have a great day...and please leave a separate comment for each entry!


  1. I am not really entering (as I haven't done anything) but I had to say two things...

    First: Princess Bride is one of my all time favs. Even all my boys love it!

    Second: That top envelope is totally Canadian! :)

    Great idea. I may have to do that with my old maps.

  2. I visited her store and I like the pear chipboard embellishments :))

  3. We just watched Princess Bride this weekend with our kids. Always a favorite. We've been quoting it ever since. (My husband posted our movie watching on face book and got a slew of comments with everyones favorite quotes.)
    "No more rhyming, and I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?"

  4. Visited Bugaboo. Love the map envelopes!

  5. Heading out to make snow angels with the kids. (maybe a snowman if they haven't trampled all the available snow.)

  6. "Never run up against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ha! Ha,ha! Haaaaaa!" [dies]

  7. I am mailing letters today!!

  8. I really hope your hand feels better soon.

    Writing with the left hand must be fun![if you are not left=handed]. Let me try that! And it got me more interested when you mentioned that it will somehow prevent Dementia...well my dear my "forgetfullness" is getting into me lately[seriously]...i have to write down everything AT ONCE because it slips off my brain quickly.

  9. "Whuv, tuwoo whuuv, ish whad bwings ush togevah today"

  10. Visited Bugaboo! I like the embelishments for the scrapbooks!

  11. Read through Mosiah 26 today!

  12. I'm doing awesome with my reading...

  13. I mailed several letters this weekend to my 90 year old aunt and my much younger dg-in-law. And I'm lefthanded...once I fell and sprained my right thumb which we slowed me down get well soon.

  14. No snow. So no snowman. Maybe cookies though. I could make cookies and mail them with a treat. Maybe....

  15. It's not my favorite quote but my favorite story. While attend school, we (girls night out) watched PB. When the come out and attack Wesley, Wesley holds one of them back with his hands on the mouth open and the rodent's tongue waves wildly. A girl in the room said, "That's just like a return missionary who is just looking for action." It brought stunned silence to the room and then a giggle here and there building up to laughter. At that time in my life, I thought that kissing was pretty gross so that is what stuck in my mind about return missionaries and added to my complete avoidance of them.

    I have a few favorite quotes:
    - It'll take a miracle.
    - There is such a shortage of perfect breasts in the world.
    - He's part of the brute squad.

  16. The envelopes are what my attention.

  17. so cool! so sorry to hear about the thumb! darn.

  18. I have too many favorite quotes from PB!
    Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?

    Fezzik: If there are, we all be dead.

    And I think her shop is delightful!

  19. I am terrible at writing with my left hand.

    With my right hand, too.