Sunday, February 27, 2011

Letter Writing Service Boot Camp Badge

True story:  Last February, during Service Boot Camp, I did 30 consecutive days of service for others.  It wasn't easy, but I was determined to do it--every day.  They say serving others should make one happy, but it was not enough to stave off a bout of depression.

Another true story:  This February I set out to write letters thanking people who have blessed my life.  Half-way through the month, I injured the thumb on my right hand, making it very difficult to write those letters.

Is there opposition to our efforts to follow Christ's example of serving others?


Will that opposition prevent us from performing daily acts of service, 
following the spirit, and lifting someone else's burden?


We are Service Boot Campers.  We signed-on for this.
We can benefit from these experiences by learning to view them with an eternal perspective.

The rest of true story #1:  I eventually overcame my sad time of trial and that month of service was even sweeter to me knowing that serving others actually lightened my load.  And I am a stronger, more compassionate person now because of it.

The rest of true story #2:  My thumb is finally beginning to heal.  I am learning valuable things from this experience.  And when I am back to full-strength in my right hand, I will continue to keep the USPS in business with my letter-writing!

Carry on, Service Boot Campers, carry on.

And thank you for joining in on this Letter Writing Boot Camp!

You might need a little reminder after this month is through, so I highly recommend that you place the blog button below somewhere special, (like on your blog), to remind you to write letters to people as a way of serving and loving them.

You might even like to print out the Service Boot Camp subway art and hang it on your fridge.  Special thanks to my good friend Tami of Tami's Eclectic Corner  for creating this image just for you Boot Campers (and wannabe Boot Campers!)

We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ

PS - Oops, nearly forgot to announce the winner of our final Boot Camp Giveaway:
Comment #16 - Renae wins the "Tour de Family" personalized note cards!!
Email me, Renae!

Special thanks to Dean Penn and Paper!

Tour de Family - Personalized Folded Note Cards


  1. Thanks for sharing your success and bout of down as well. That makes you still human, thank goodness. I love this idea. I'm a wannabe. I will try for a week. I just did my visiting teaching. yea. Does folding your husband's laundry count?

  2. As your husband, I take strange pride in knowing that the man downstairs is trying to trip you up. Its not that I wish you harm, but that I know you'll continue to conquer.

    Love you!

  3. I will see if I can see your blog button. Thanks for a little kick in the you know where...I did write more.

  4. Thanks Jocelyn! Way to motivate!!!