Saturday, February 12, 2011

Serving In The Vineyard

Before I announce the winners of two giveaways from this week, I want to tell you about a new website that the church has created to give you access to volunteer service opportunities.

It's called Helping In The Vineyard, and it's a really cool concept.  All you do is log-on, and choose which ways you'd be willing to help out:  uploading and tagging photos, slicing and tagging videos, preparing documents for worldwide release, translating documents, and doing genealogical indexing.  All of these things can be done from your home/computer, making it easy for people like you and me to serve.  So check it out! 

Now to announce the winners:
To get a letter write a letter. 1.25 inch badge pin button

The winner of the button from Brainscan is:
Amy/comment #9

Amy said... 9

"There's not much that tops "fun mail" in the mailbox! Thanks for the reminder."
Asha Paper Doll Postcards (set of 3)

The winner of the paper doll postcard set from Amanda May is:
Lois Tanner 

(It looks like Lois and her husband are serving a mission for the church at the moment!  She also shared a TON of great ideas for making your own postcards and paper dolls in the comment section of this post.)

The Tanners said... 4

"I mailed one of the most important letters of my life today. "
Winners, please email me to claim your prize.
Have a great weekend!


  1. will check out the helping in the vineyard-I'm teaching RS lesson this month on SERVICE...

  2. I must check out that website...thanks Jocelyn.

  3. Awesome! Congrats to the winers!

  4. Yeah!!! My Mom loves paper dolls!! And they are serving a mission and doing an amazing job!!

  5. I hadn't heard of this site and will check it out.



  6. Thanks for the great website-I often feel a desire to serve but I don't really have any resources, so this is perfect. Thank you!

  7. Just one more suggestion about paper dolls. We had to go by Sears today because I stepped on my glasses this morning. ugh! Anyway glasses were fixed in a jiffy and I still had time to pick up a Sears catalog. Yippee more paper dolls.. LOL

  8. Forgot to mention, sorry about your thumb.

  9. I have also heard of someone doing that with an American Doll Catalog!

  10. I just had time to check this out. How cool. This is great if you only have an hour or a few minutes! It also alows those who are bound to their home to serve!