Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't Be Bashful, Spring!

Spring is coming.  I can sense it.  I can smell it.  It's just around the corner.

I delivered a spring-themed gift to a friend just now...with no coat on...just to prove my point.

Maybe Spring will come sooner if we roll out the welcome mat with new swingsets, or maybe even a trampoline or something.  I don't know, I can't speak for Spring, but I know I'd feel good about making my grand entrance if someone were to roll out the red carpet for Me like that.

Speaking of rolling out the red carpet, my brother-in-law David is paying us a visit tonight...all the way from Colorado Springs.  We are so excited and cannot wait to see him!  

While you're willing Spring to arrive, will you please send some positive thoughts my way too?

I'm just nervous about something and excited all at once, but I need your positive mental energy and prayers to help tip the scales in a favorable direction!  Thank you! :)

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  1. Positive Vibes being sent your way along with a prayer or 2.
    I bought some spring clothes today at the thrift store that I can't wait to wear with out a sweater. So i am willing spring to be here to.

  2. Hope that all that you are hoping for will be tipped in your favor! Spring and good things to come!

  3. Now my curiosity is peeked. What's got you nervous and excited?? I wore flip flops all day today. Take that Mister Winter!

  4. Positive thoughts for both you and Spring! I hope it comes sooner than later too!

  5. Now you've got me curious!

    You can definitely count on me sending all the positive energy I can muster in your direction. Hope things happen the way you want them to!


  6. sounds like spring is coming many ways to you...faith, belief and time will bring it all about. You can do it whatever you're working on...Love, Aunt Lin and prayers too coming your way...

  7. I can't wait for spring! I miss the sun. In BC it rains and rains and rains and rains so we hardly see the sun all winter. It's especially hard since I grew up in the desert where the sun shines all the time.

  8. Spring has peeked its head out here -- 60 degrees today! And snow tonight. :) Gotta love early spring in Utah...

  9. I know this is a pretty late comment by I'm 100%sure you did great! Right?

    My husband and I attended Parent-Teacher Conference today for my 6th grader...and what a wonderful birthday gift is her grade this 2nd quarter not to mention all those great comments i heard from her teachers! And can't believe it feels like Spring today in New York...Hooray!

  10. I'm very flattered that you used my illustration for this blog post! I hope it inspires hopeful spring thoughts.