Friday, February 11, 2011

Letters From Ann

To get a letter write a letter. 1.25 inch badge pin button

Honestly, this should be the USPS's motto.

If you'd like to receive a letter, you've really gotta be willing to write one.

A few years back, I began exchanging letters with my great-Aunt Ann.  We talked about life, family history, raising children, and growing old.  Although at 90+ years, aging was something that she never really seemed to do, at least not mentally.  I just loved receiving her letters in the mail. After a while she began sending old photos in the letters as well, which was a real treat.

My aunt lived in another state, so we weren't able to visit in person very frequently.  One day, I heard that she had fallen ill and was moved to an assisted living facility.  I felt an impression that I should call her.  We spoke on the phone just briefly.  It took her a moment to realize who was calling, then she made light of what was happening to her, and I told her that I loved her.  She said that she loved me too, and we hung up the phone.

She died the next day.

Before I began writing to her, I only knew my Aunt Ann by name, and not much deeper.  Because of our exchange of letters, I gained a lovely friend, and she became my Aunt in reality, not just by title.

There's just something special about writing letters...

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Have a great day, my friends.

And remember to set aside some time for writing to others...and reading your five pages!
(Try to read through Words of Mormon 1 today.)


I've been out of town this week...visiting my parents and sister in Ohio, so I've had limited computer access.  If I haven't responded to an email as quickly as I normally do, now you know why!

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  1. Beautiful story Jocelyn, thanks for sharing with us all.

  2. Read through Words of Mormon 1 this morning..

    I love how you and your Aunt talked about great family memories. Our elderly brothers and sisters are the most sincere, sweetest and funniest people on earth that you would love to hang around with.

    I agree 100% "If you want to get a letter, send one ." I did! again today...

    got the address i needed.

    writing one more today[i will try to write more today since i'll be working tomorrow]...

    I actually received an email thanking me for the letter i sent her.It feels good.

    And i would love to have one of those buttons! great artwork!

  3. I have saved most of the hand written letters I've received over the years. I even have some from Jr. High. They are hilarious! LOVE the buttons!

  4. I loved your post. I have your blog bookmarked and come here every now and then . I'm glad I came today to get a great reminder to write some letters.

  5. I've been blessed through my life by recieving some very loving and caring letters and cards from family and friends. I have a love box, in it I have loving cards, letters, love letters from my ex-husband when we were courting (these are very special to me), special cards and letters my boys and grand-daughters that have made me cry and feel loved and some special books that mean the world to me. I love going through this box and shedding some tears of joy as I read. I hope my son will treasure my love box as much as I have.

  6. I have had your blog address sitting in front of me for a week - to check it out. I too write letters to all my older relatives and cherish the letters they have written back. I would send out mass letters before the advent of Internet, and my brother, though he chided me for writing, was the first to remind me that he hadn't heard from me. Letters received are special. Thanks for the reminder.

    Also very intersted in reading about your Service Boot Camp.

  7. Thanks for this great reminder. There's nothing like a letter or card. It's just too easy to be lazy and e-mail!

  8. There's not much that tops "fun mail" in the mailbox! Thanks for the reminder.

  9. The week my Grandma died, I happen to call her three times before I knew how seriously ill she was. I was so grateful I got to talk to her before she slipped into a semi-coma that weekend. I will never forget the conversation we had. I really think the Lord was looking out for me by blessing me with her in my life.

    Thanks for sharing this. I loved it.