Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dangerous Book for Moms: Chapter 1

Most women wouldn't choose to cut their own hair on the day that they are sick with the flu.

But I'm not most women.

Which got me thinking about how dangerous it is when I get an idea in my head.

The other day, my friend AJ mentioned that she liked my previous haircut, which I also cut myself.  My illness-delirious mind thought, "She's right!  To heck with this growing my hair out stuff, I loved that cut too!" Yesterday afternoon, I grabbed the offending pieces of hair and chopped them right off!  Bye-bye scraggles.

(Playing with my Picasa, here, because I'm I can do stuff like that.)

Through this process, I got to thinking about the word "dangerous," and I wondered:

"Why in the world is there no Dangerous Book for Moms????"

You've heard of the Dangerous Book for Boys...and The Dangerous Book for Girls.
I think there's even a Dangerous Book for Dogs.

But not for Moms.

So I'm going to start writing one.  Starting now.

Welcome to Chapter 1.

All Moms need to know how to cut their own hair.

Well, at least they need to have the chutzpah to at least TRY.

Seriously, it'll break your undying allegiance to your hairdresser, and ease the heartbreak that occurs when she leaves town, and you can't find anyone else as good as her.
Plus a fresh cut is an excellent pick-me-up for a Mom who can't find time to get to the salon!
(Or if you're, say...sick....)

Now, it might not be "perfect", but you did it all by yourself.

And, let's face it, a woman who can cut her own hair is just plain DANGEROUS.

My secrets:  I always cut my hair dry.  I follow the layers already left over from previous cuts.  I watch what hairdressers do and take note.  I make careful cuts, nothing too drastic at first.  I continue making small cuts to improve and shape the cut after it is washed, just like a good hair-dresser would!  When it's all done, I tip myself...very generously.

Disclaimer:  There might only be one chapter in this book...Unless you tell me what you'd like to see covered in Chapter 2!


Are you itching (like I am after that hair cut post) to hear more illness-induced ramblings from yours truly?

Then head on over to read my interview for Friday Friend over at 
Diapers and Divinity today.  Click on over there and check it out!


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  1. Now I know I will no longer get to do your hair...good job!

  2. I cut my own hair some too. Yours looks wonderful!

  3. Love the new do! I cut my own hair one time and never got more compliments. Haven't paid a hairdresser since. I love your blog!!! I am pretty sure we would be best friends if I ever met you in person. :) Thanks for sharing on your blog.

  4. Congrats to Amy Jo! and I love that you cut your own hair! I cut all my kids hair, buy cut my own hair once and my family thought I was crazy, But I think I will keep doing it! Thanks for the confidence boost.

  5. I cut all my boys hair, but have never been brave enough to do my own. Luckily my sister is a hairdresser and will do mine for a trade. (and I love her babies so I gladly babysit for her! :D)

    Your hair looks great!

  6. Oh wow... I could never do that. Your hair is DARLING!!!

  7. LOVE the hair. I think I tried once to cut my own hair...didn't turn out so well!

  8. Your hair looks great! And you are sooo right; there should be a dangerous book for moms. How about this suggestion for chapter 2: Live off your food storage for two weeks. ;-)

  9. After just forking out big bucks for a haircut, I am not only envious but impressed! That is a GREAT cut you gave yourself.

    Having said that, I will not be following suit. Even when I just try to cut my bangs, disaster happens.

    Because I AM dangerous with a scissors.

    (And not in a good way...)


  10. Haha! Super cute hair cut!!!

  11. YAY again. I won the book. I really wanted it to!!!! Thanks JC
    A pair of scissors isn't dangerous. Hair will grow. Now, clippers are dangerous.
    I should learn to cut my own hair. I'm never happy after leaving the salon. In fact I always say, I could do a better job. Plus, my hair is curly, I can hide any mistake.

    To me you are a beautiful person JC and no haircut would change the fact. BUT, I do love this haircut on you. You know I'm right!

  12. Wow! I cut my own hair once when it was getting way too long. Everyone thought I was crazy, but it was so fun! I am not brave enough to try layers, though. Maybe one day I will be:) I hope so, I really am wanting some dramatic layers since the last gal I went to didn't have the same definition of layers as I did:/
    Super cute cut; it looks fantastic on you!
    And I totally think you should write that book. I love the Dangerous books!

  13. You talented woman you! And I think you are absolutely the perfect writer for the Dangerous Book for Moms. I can just hear the devil now: "Oh crap! Now she's WRITING!" :)

  14. And, by the way, fantastic interview! You write in a very personal and engaging way and I loved learning more about you! I do think it's funny that you dream of doing back handsprings even with your policy against unnecessary risk. :)

  15. You have some sweet skills Jocelyn! Your haircut looks awesome! I think your next chapter should be about how to take care of a family and house while being sick. Hope you feel better!

  16. My topic ideas are so threatening as running scissors through your hair or running with scissors in general. But here are a few ideas.
    Dangerous topic ideas:
    1. Counting the ways in WHY a Mom needs a dangerous book
    2. How to take a personal time out even if it is just going to the potty for a moment by ourselves
    3. Shopping with children.

    I'm sure that if you requested it. You could get as many ideas as you need. We have adventure days. In general being a Mom is a dangerous occupation, we get the full battle from Satan. And you know as well I that that is the most rewarding but truly dangerous thing you will ever do. The battle cry is to ensure that your children know the plan to return to God and that they will face danger at every hand. Best of luck with your next dangerous chapter. I'm sure it would be a great series....

    I'm not the creative one to give you ideas though.

  17. Here from Diapers and Divinity. So glad to be introduced to you and your blog. I'm a fellow east coaster (North Carolina) and have loved reading through your blog...

    And... your self cut hair looks fabulous. I am in desperate need for a haircut. I'll be dangerous in a lot of ways, but I'm thinking I'll keep my appointment for next week with my hairdresser. Maybe next time I'll try on my own? (probably not. But I so admire you for doing it!)

  18. well guess what I cut my own hair yesterday-have never found anyone that can do it the way I want it. My hubby cuts his own hair too...amazing family!

  19. oh, you are too funny. But you look great. I have cut my own hair, but the last time I did my daughter who is a hairdresser tried to fix it and I ended up with a cut that was so short I will never try to do mine again. I think she was making sure I never put her out of her job again. But I do my bangs all the time. And I color my roots in-between colors, my daughter gets me the color and I have her approval to do that much.

  20. Oh no! This adventurous, DARING chick..just HAD to see this, righ after cutting one of my twins hair, then taking the other twin in for a cut (simply because we were in teh car when he finally consented to get ting it cut, and I wasn't about to wait for him to change his mind) - the result... My CUT WAS BETTER! MUCH BETTER! (Yeah! :)

    However, I haven't cut MY OWN hair for a couple of decades, and don't know if I will do something drastically awful to it if I try again cold turkey! :O Have you cut your hair before? And when last? Are you in the habit of cutting your own hair? It looks good to me! :)

    Thanks for the possible couarage to try again...(I think. :O) ;D

  21. Your hair looks fantastic. I really would like to give mine a try, it's curly and very thick, and I'm almost never happy at the salon-maybe I could do a better job? Be fun to find out anyway...

  22. Cool interview!I learned more about you! Cheerleader, volleyball player, LOUD TALKER...hahaha...joke! and ofcourse great always!

    Back home[Philippines] we can pay someone to do our laundry yah know!

    Girl you look like a celebrity, are you sure you were sick then?

  23. Oh my stars .... I don't think I'd have the courage to do that, but yours looks GREAT! Good on ya!