Monday, February 28, 2011

Does This Count As FHE?

My kids and I just had the following conversation over dinner:

Scarlett:  "I want to be a teacher, like my teacher, when I grow up."

Me: "Oh, I thought you wanted to be a Mommy.  Why don't you be a Mommy after you be a teacher for a while."

Scarlett:  "Ok"

Guy:  "I want to be a lumberjack."

Me: "Do you know what I did before I was a Mommy?"

Scarlett/Guy: "What?"

Me:  "I worked in television."

Guy:  "You worked on televisions?"

Me:  "No, I worked to make the shows that they show on TV."

Guy:  "Did you help make Curious George?"

Me:  "No, I helped make the news."

Guy:  "The news is cool.  I like the news.  It has soldiers.  Do you like soldiers?"

Me:  "I do like soldiers.  I just feel bad for them, because they have to fight."

Guy:  "If they didn't fight then the bad guys would go every place and destroy it."

Me:  "Yes (surprised)...that's right."

My children are already learning that sometimes a person MUST stand up for what's right, for the weak, for the unprotected.  I'm ok with that.

On a side note:  I bought the Captain Moroni action figure shown above at Goodwill last month.  It was in a bag of unwanted, mismatched action figures.  I bought the entire bag for 47 cents.  Now I'm not calling anyone out, but Pennsylvania has in it the smallest Stake in the church and the smallest number of Mormons per I am curious...

Whoever you are...Thank You!


  1. Finding a Captain Moroni action figure at a Goodwill in PA is incredibly random! Kind of ironic and funny that another LDS member found it.

  2. Sad they threw it out...but LUCKY YOU! :)

    My boys love the "action figures" of the bible.

  3. what an awesome conversation.

  4. That totally counts as FHE and someone in PA is BUSTED! You should bare your testimony next week about how excited you were to find it at Goodwill and see who squirms in their seat!...Don't really do that...Not that you would even think of doing that...I should probably just hit delete, but blogging really is about what pops into your mind right? :)

  5. Who threw out captain Moroni!

    Ha ha :)

  6. I think it makes a great FHE!! Nothing like a teaching moment to make the night! All you need is a little dessert!

  7. I would add a mommy is a teacher, as you do so well. How fun to capture your children's comments to share with them one day. Keep up the good work. I didn't even know there were Captain Moroni action figures and I live in Utah!

  8. I think I would count it as FHE, if they learn something and stays with them, then is FHE ;)....You were so lucky to find the Captain Moroni....

  9. This was so cute, how I love little kids' conversation and point of view.

  10. Looking forward to the continuing adventures for your family!

  11. I love the conversation! It aslo reminds me of my CTR class, i love those kids!