Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 Words to Include When Writing a Letter to a Child

Tour de Family - Personalized Folded Note Cards

As you write your thank you notes this week, consider making it a team effort by including your whole family in your service efforts.  There are lots of ways to enlist children in the process of writing thank you notes.  Give them blank stationery to personalize or let them decorate the envelopes.  My sister Dawn is an amazing stamping artist and designer.  She and her kids stamp together a lot and they make beautiful creations for everyone to enjoy.

Personally, I'd love to have my own set of the stationery shown above personalized with my family name:  Team Christensen.

Because our family IS a Team.
We play together, work together, serve together.
We support each other, we take turns taking the hits, and offer each other a way out when the going get rough.

My family members are my best teammates ever.

And I do hope they know that. 

In fact, I think I shall tell them a letter.

I hope that you remember to write a letter to a child as part of this Service Boot Camp.  Our "littlest teammates" need to hear the loving words of their parents, and they need to have our words to hold and remember as time passes and life becomes difficult.

I have treasured all of the letters that my parents have written to me in my youth.  They are priceless.  Even thought I am all grown up, I still need to hear their encouraging words today, and I always love to read a note where they tell me how much they love me or how proud they are of the work that I do as a Mother.

Having trouble thinking of what to say when you sit down to write a letter to your child?  Try starting out with "I Love You." provides a good starting point for writing a letter to a child with

7 Words to Include When Writing a Letter to A Child:

1.  Love:  
Express your love to your child and assure him that this love will never go away.

2.  Notice:  
Name positive characteristics you see emerging in your child.

3.  Enjoy:  
Describe what you enjoy doing with your child.

4.  Proud:  
Be specific when you describe what makes you proud.

5.  Cherish:  
Share memories that mean a lot to you personally.

6.  Hope:  
Share your highest hopes that you have for your child.

7.  Believe:  
Share the confidence that you have in your child as well as your testimony.


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4.  Write a letter to a child.

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  1. fun ideas as my age with no dependent children at home-there are more to write to including adult children, in-law spouses, and grand children. I had fun this month writing and sending gifts to my grands for valentines. will continue the project...thanks for the reminders.

  2. I love this post, printing it off to keep in my binder with my writing supplies.

    Happy husband and I have planned a surprise trip to a hot springs resort and we are just picking our boys up from school tomorrow and going for the weekend. I love being able to surprise them and this is going to be fun!

  3. Tell you something happy.... there is so much, I can tell I am sooooo super excited, we are sneaking a 13 hour car ride (one way) to surprise my FIL at his retirement party... Not telling anyone we are coming even:)

  4. Letters from parents are the best! I still have probably every letter/note I ever received from my parents growing up.

  5. What a Mom! :) I remember as a little girl writing notes to my Dad and leaving them on his dresser. That was his "love language"....words of love. My Mom loved that I did that for him, but she never wanted notes from me. Her "love language" was acts of service. So when I wanted to show her I cared, I'd clean up my room without asking or dust. I was so not a perfect kid, but I remember those things. :) And your kids will remember these things that you're doing for them now. :)

  6. I have written countless letters to my children over the years.

    I think you got the formula just right!


  7. Love all these pointers. I just finished writing thank you notes to the sisters I had on my previous vt route, for allowing me to visit them for the past 4 years. I recieved a new list of sisters from our new RS president this month. And I am so happy, because my new sisters are super fun just like the ones I had before.

  8. Happy thing! My brother got his mission call yesterday. He is going to Paraguay. I am way excited for him.

  9. Letters are like a bit of Spring in your mailbox in February.

  10. What a good idea, I honestly hadn't thought to send one to my kids. My two older daughters would love something like that. Thanks!

  11. Something happy......I got to hold my boy while he went to sleep for his nap today. He has in the past just laid down and gone to sleep. He now wants to be cuddled. I like it and treasure the moment.

  12. My son received TWO cards in the mail today from his cousins. He was so excited and kept saying over and over: "That is really sweet".

  13. I kind of hate the word cherish (just 'cause it sounds so cheesy), but I love these ideas about writing positive letters to children. I need to do it more often.

  14. I love the pointers as well ( even more when I saw I did some of them already) ,).
    I sent a letter to my lil sis for her birthday, which will arrive at their new place.
    And I have a letter waiting to send to mi padres when I get them to call back with their new address.
    Thanks Joce!

  15. What a great post! Thank you for the info!

  16. What a great idea! I have actually written letters to my girls last Valentine's Day but i want to write them again including ALL THE 7 words!!

  17. "HAPPY".... is watching "Shrek Forever After The Final Chapter" with the family yesterday while eating Pizza and popcorn!

  18. Those are 7 very good words to use. I appreciate you pointing them out, Jocelyn.

    Steph, I can understand why you feel like the word "cherish" is cheesy. I think it gets overused, or used in the wrong contexts. Just to make sure, I checked my dictionary and it said cherish means to protect and care for someone lovingly.

    Thus, cherishing memories would be rather absurdly redundant, when one could just remember fondly.
    Also, cherishing a gift would seem as if the affection is being misplaced, when one could just as well appreciate and prize a gift.
    Cherishing moments is perhaps bordering on impossible, since time passes by no matter what. (What we really mean is that we are enjoying the moment.)

    Ah, semantics..