Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Pull of the Sun is Too Strong

I received this in the mail yesterday...a sweet note cross-stitched by my friend Cherry who is celebrating a birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Cherry!

I've got stuff to say, but the sunshine won't let me stay inside long enough to say it.

So, I'll just announce the winner of yesterday's drawing 
from My Rubber Stamp and then I'll be off.  

The winner is:

Steph B said... 38

I did lots of laundry is sheet day!
Please email me Steph B!


  1. sounds like you are keeping busy in spite of your injured!

  2. Have fun in the sun! When you get back in and get a second could you let me know where you got your button on the side that links you to Sister Becks talk? That is one of my all time favorite talks!!!

  3. Yeah...except I can't find where to email you at...I could be "contact challenged! Would you be willing to email me at sbitter at live dot com.....sorry!

  4. Oh I love the sun too! It makes me feel ALIVE!! it relieves stress and most importantly i love the brightness--i feel so HAPPY!

    I am happy you like it :)

  5. Oh thank you for the greeting!

    Off i go to finish my project! Your blog is like Robitussin, it relieves cough and congestion...hehehe...i enjoyed re-reading and finally being able to write something!