Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sharing Some Scripture Study Pages

May Madness is upon us. This is the month where school is winding down, but first it speeds up to lightening pace with end-of-the-year concerts and art shows, etc.


Good thing we've got our new family scripture study plan to keep us least for a few minutes each morning!

Today, I thought I'd share a few more fruits of our study time together.  As you know, one step in our study plan is to ask questions regarding the principles taught in each scripture.  The photo above shows the creative way that my daughter Autumn (age 9) put together a few of her questions.

I love how keeping individual notebooks for studying allows me to meet each child where they are and help them in their studying.  I read Autumn's questions with her and it gave me an idea. I suggested that she think of three people she knows who are really happy.  She wrote down their names.  Then together we came up with three questions to ask each of them.  (What life decisions and daily choices have brought you joy?  Have you ever found it hard to keep a commandment?  How did you find a way to keep that commandment even though it was difficult for you at first?)

We emailed these questions to the three people she identified as being really happy: Her Primary President, her Activity Days leader, her piano teacher.

The same day, Autumn received the nicest testimonies back from all three women who kindly shared very real and honest personal stories and advice.  It was so wonderful.  I printed off their responses and glued them into her study journal to read the next day.  This was just such a cool outcome from our scripture study that I could not have foreseen.

I have also really enjoyed witnessing the creativity of my five year old's take on interpreting the scriptures and making them come alive.  The picture below is her illustration of 2 Nephi 2:27 which she worked on today.  I summed up the scripture in simple terms that she could understand, and she made up a game that would help us internalize the principle.

In her drawing she is in the middle.  To the right of her are two people who chose liberty (or chose to follow Christ) and on the left are two people choosing to follow Satan by making wrong choices.  In her "game" we came up with scenarios where a choice was to be made.  Depending on how we answered we then decided if that choice was a choice leading the person to liberty or to death/captivity.

It was such a creative and fun way to interpret the verse, which, again, I didn't anticipate.

And here is the page I worked on this week where I ended up listing some of the similarities I saw between President Nelson and Nephi.

Someone asked if we are still doing just one scripture per week.  We change to a new scripture when we feel we've exhausted our study of that verse, and that means we changed scriptures more often than a week.

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