Monday, January 31, 2011

Perfect Parenting

We "built a snowman" tonight for family home evening.  We didn't have packing snow, but we made the best of the situation, because Guy had been begging me to do it all day.  Best thing about being my own boss?  If I want to scrap my plans and build a snowman in the dark with my boy with snow that doesn't pack...I can!  And we had an awesome time doing it!
I spotted this billboard when I was in the DC area this weekend, and it made me chuckle.
Tonight, as we built our very imperfect snowman, I started to understand a little more of what this advertisement was trying to get at.
As a person, I do a lot of things imperfectly...really, really imperfectly!
But as a parent, I love my children with everything I've got!  And in the end, kids don't need perfection...they need love and our attention.

I am so thankful for Family Home Evening.  It is truly an inspired institution!
(20 minutes, every Monday, to a better life!)



  1. I get to be first on the comments. This is a rare experience. How fun to have snow to play in! It is also relieving to learn that someone else has FHE for at least a few minutes with happy hearts.

  2. I love how you summed up FHE -- 20 minutes, once a week, to a better life. Almost sounds like those National Guard commercials about one weekend, two months a year, serving your country, etc. And speaking of commercials, the tv/radio ads by the same foundation as your billboard are some of my favorites -- I laugh every time... or tear up. One or the other. :) You can watch them online here, if you're interested:

  3. wow! you get to do 20 minutes!!!???? I'm amazed, we get to do 10 and it's a miracle hehe, but we still have fun, and spend time as a family, I felt so weird yesterday because we couldn't do FHE =(, so at the end of the night as I was talking to my husband we looked at each other and he said to me "do you feel like something is missing?" and I said "yes, FHE!". I know it's ok to do it any day of the week, but Monday is just especial for us, is like members of the church from all over the world are doing the same thing the same day....

  4. It's so hard to imagine you as an imperfect parent. I so look up to you. You have such amazing activities with your kids and focus on Christ so much. Thanks for sharing all those ideas. I, for one, love to copy them.

  5. The kids look quite happy. That's the most important thing.