Monday, February 14, 2011

Rejection Letters Make Great Paper Airplanes

Rejection Letters Make Great Paper Airplanes Greeting Card

Have you ever been rejected?  I mean down-right RE-JECTED!  I HAVE.

Let's see:  In high school, I once stalked (a.k.a. adored longingly in the hallways) a Senior boy who I thought was cute.  Somehow I roped him in to giving me a ride home one night, and he finally asked me (in his 18-year-old wisdom), "Why do you like me, anyway?"  I had no answer.  I got out of the car and never "stalked" him again.  REJECTED.

I once tried to kiss a boy at the end of a date.  He had spent $70 trying to win me a stuffed swan (that I never asked for) at a carnival that night, so although the date wasn't that great, I thought he deserved a "parting gift".  As I did so, he turned his head so I did a face-plant into his cheek.  REJECTED. My swan and I walked into the house alone.

I managed to score a date with a really interesting and popular guy in a singles ward in DC who I was so interested in getting to know better.  While on our date, he fell asleep and made no excuse for it.  Was I really that boring?  Afterward he acted like he didn't even know me!  REJECTED.

While in college, I tried out to be the host of a children's TV program in the Cincinnati market.  I got so nervous on-camera that I completely choked.  My mouth was so dry that I could hardly speak.  I looked like a total idiot, and I got---you guessed it---REJECTED!

I once sat in a job interview and asked for like way more money that I was worth, and I got--say it with me now--REJECTED.

I even got REJECTED by my own great aunt (like a million times removed) who I was hoping would share family history information with me that would be valuable to me and my children.  I felt like a real loser the day that I got that letter.

Yeah, rejection is awesome.  If you haven't been rejected, under-appreciated, misunderstood, dumped, fired, etc. at least a half a dozen times in your life, then you're just not really living!

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To enter:

1.  Leave a comment with your best REJECTION story.
Leave more than one if you'd like.  Maybe it'll be as therapeutic for you as it was for me!

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3.  Call someone and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day today.

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  1. you might of been rejected by super jerks, but you really got the grand prize with Steve...sure worth all those rejections.

    One time I went on a date with my friend's brother (a Nasa Engineer) after my divorce. We decided to go to Kelly's Island for the day. Throughout the entire trip there and our day at the island he completely ignorned me, did not talk much to me or even paid for my lunch or dinner. Feeling aweful and rejected, I paid for my own food and went on my own at one point to enjoy the day. Afterwards he asked me why I disappeared from him, so I told him since I was not interesting, I made my day an interesting one by exploring and enjoying myself. He was shocked and then he tried to win me over the rest of the evening, I then rejected him and cared no more for the guy. What a disasterous day, I couldn't wait to get home, take a shower and go to bed. Its been 23 years since I've been divorced and I never went on another date again and I never will.

  2. I got this gem of a rejection letter just a few days ago. Let's hope the person who wrote the email (which I promise I am cutting and pasting exactly how it was sent to me) is not the person who beat me out for the part-time secretarial position!

    "Ms. McBride:

    Thank you for the submittal of your resume for the Part Time Executive
    Assistant position. Your resume was impression but the Board has made there
    decision, another candidate has been selected.

    Again thank you for your time in submitting your application."

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  4. ok. so I had to delete my post and post it back, I forgot I could write more than one REJECTED story......When I was 11 I was totally in love with a boy, who happened to be my sister boyfriend's brother, I dreamt about him, he was like the perfect boy for me, I even gave him a letter telling him how much I like him, I had this little notebook and on October 6th (his b-day, I can't believe I still remember) had two pages covered with his name, and I wrote stuff about him "he is so cute" "he has the most gorgeous blue eyes I've ever seen" "his smile is so dreamy" etc etc etc, but guess what? He likes somebody else, and he told me REJECTED by my first love =O....After some years passes (I was 15, he was 16) he kissed me out of nowhere, like he just looked at me, and kissed me, after that I looked at him and said "I'm so over you now!" REJECTED BACK! ha....hahahahahahahahaha

    When I was 18 I started working as a nanny, I went to this job interview and the paid was AMAZING, I mean for an 18 year old to receive $600 a week to take care of twins was NOT bad at all. I went there, the kids met me, and they loved me, they were so nice to me, the parents were like "aww you are so sweet, you are going to be the perfect person for our family" after a week I got an email, ok? an EMAIL not a call, that said they picked somebody else for the job, and not me! =(

    and this one is the best of all.....When I joined the church I didn't really understand why we couldn't flirt with the missionaries, so I really and I mean reaaaaalllyyyy liked this missionarie, so I wrote him a letter (yeah I know, I love writting letters to confess my love hahaha) and went into the classroom and put the letter in his backpack, he looked at me like "what in the world are you doing?", and I inmediately ran out of the room (hahahaha), then he went to my house and said to me "you know, you are not supposed to do that" so REJECTED!!!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

  5. I was dating this guy and we had talked about getting married and moving to Idaho. I was smitten, to say the least. We were happy (or so I thought). I was at work one day and got an email from him BREAKING UP WITH ME. WHAT?? This wasn't a casual relationship. We were talking marriage. I loved him. And he broke up with me via email sent to me at work. Want to know the best part about the story? He had asked his best friend to help him write the email. This guy basically cut and pasted his words into that email. Guess who his best friend was? My husband! Yep, my husband (who I hadn't met yet) wrote that infamous email for my boyfriend at the time. My ex was NOT happy when we got married. My husband and I have been married almost 13 years now and we still joke about that email.

  6. I LOVE erinannie's rejection letter. That's classic!

    I got rejected for a teaching position at a nearby Catholic high school once. I didn't have a current credential and hadn't taught since my student teaching, but somehow I thought I could talk my way into that job. I was convinced that I'd be the greatest English teacher ever.

    Sadly, they were NOT convinced...


  7. The guy I dated before my hubby, convinced me to stay home from my already planned and paid for trip to China with my brother because he wanted to marry me.

    A few weeks after I cancelled my trip, he told me he wasn't ready for a serious relationship and dumped me.


  8. try being married 10 years with 3 small sons and having your husband tell you he has had numerous affairs with his college students-that rejection takes years to get over but as with any rejection-other doors open and you learn from every experience if you take the lesson given...and move on. i did and got divorced...

  9. I thought I was going to marry my high school boyfriend-but he thought differently. While he was on his mission he stopped writing me, took me a few months but I decided it was for the best and sent him a short email ending the relationship. Writing it now it sound and looks like I rejected him (even to me) but that's not how it felt 6 years ago!

  10. So, it wasn't me, but my husband got a great one this week. He has been interviewing for jobs and was offered one in Hawaii. They flew him out there and showed him around and paid him while he was there, rented his car, etc. He decided to take the job and we startedmaking arrangements to move. About 2 weeks into it, he gets a TEXT, "We decided to hold off hiring. We'll call you when we're ready."

  11. Oh my life is full of rejection, i get rejected by my patients all the time...I got rejected by my manager when i gave her a letter from my Bishop telling her why it is very important for me to come to church every Sunday...[now at least she knows, my co-workers know and they allow me to be off more often on Sunday..

    You are actually brave for sharing your rejection stories...i salute you Sister!!

    I worked Valentine's Day then went home sick spending my whole day in bed the following day!! with no decent computer to use...waahhhhhh!