Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Path Foward: Repent Every Day

After that wonderful General Conference, in which we've been asked to "Do Better & Be Better," to "Repent every day," and to do the spiritual work necessary to know God lives and that this is His church, it's the perfect time to turn our minds to the Savior and really reflect on what He has done for us and on what role we want His sacrifice to play in our lives.

Will the Atonement of Jesus Christ be an afterthought?  Something that we think of once a week as we take the Sacrament?  Or will we start today to make a goal to repent of something EVERY DAY?

I realized as I was talking about President Nelson's admonishment to repent every day, that if we aren't doing this (which up until now, I really have not) then perhaps this is one major way that we are taking the Sacrament in vain...taking His name in vain.  It will take great humility and personal committment, but I'm willing to try.  And I believe that doing this one thing, at least in my life, will make a big difference.

It's interesting how at peace I feel after this General Conference.  It all seems doable.  I mean, I understand I have my own personal work to do and that it will be work, however, the gentleness and charity that I believe our leaders displayed in their tone and delivery of their talks, just distills so peacefully on my soul.  I think in many ways we were rebuked, but it was done with such love, that I definitely see a clear path forward...and it's now up to me to take it, and to try my best every day...and repent and use the Atonement to help myself improve when I do mess up.

It seems so simple.  It seems so right.


Ok, as you know, we've done a lot of fun Easter Activies in our family over the years...(most of them linked here.)

This year, we're trying out a simple, new one, thanks to long-time blog friend Dana Cockrum, who is the creative mind behind an online shop called Home Centered.

Now, as you know, I very rarely promote anything that's a business, like almost never, however Dana has been around a long time supporting my blog, and I really do love the sign (pictured above) which will lead our family through the events of Christ's life during the week leading up to the Atonement and serve as a constant reminder of WHY we are doing what we do each day!

Here are a few things to know:

1. The Easter Countdown sign comes in black or white background.  As you can see it's a really nice size and very well-made.  Like, I was surprised at how pleased I was with the size, and my husband, who usually doesn't love me getting "decor" really loves the simple design and the icons.  And he actually thanked me for getting this for our family. Ha!

2. It comes with a few scripture readings to do as a family each day which will help you focus on Christ during this special week (and the scriptures are on the back of the sign so you won't lose them!)  In addition to the readings, I anticipate that my children will enjoy moving the small wreath each day.

I'm so excited to use this because a) it's beautiful and b) it's just SO simple, and simple is what I need in my life right now.  

3. So, if you're interested, order yours today, and use the online code "HEISRISEN" when you order to receive 20% off.  

4.  Please, order by Tuesday, April 9 to receive it in time for Easter week!  

You can view all of her stuff at Home Centered and follow her on Facebook by clicking here.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!  I'm going to be taking a look at my General Conference questions and sharing what I learned in an upcoming post...

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