Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Next Guest Blogger is...YOU!

I've realized in the last year or so that I really seem to have a thing for the number 30.

Evidence #1:  The Family Proclamation lessons that I did every day for 30 days with my children back in January called "30 Days for the Family" was an awesome experience.
30 amazing days that I will never forget.
(You should do this!)

Evidence #2:  My original Service Boot Camp where I attempted to serve someone every day for a whole month back in February...life-changing.  (Ok, technically, that was 28 days, but 28 was enough!  That was hard!)

But now I am suddenly realizing that 30 is not my friend this September, because 30 days in September is just not enough time to discuss all of the wonderful points of doctrine, to hear from all of the excellent guest bloggers that I'd like to invite to write for us.  

I want MORE DAYS!!

I had actually reserved a few days for myself to blog in September, but I kept thinking of wonderful bloggers and discovering amazing testimonies that I wanted shared on my blog during the family proclamation celebration, so I just went ahead and gave my spots away to a few more awesome bloggers.

And they have totally come through for me.

The posts are just incredible. 

There is no other way to describe them.

And they have made my job that much harder trying to organize it all, because they are all equally awesome.  How do I choose what goes where?

Just so you know...I will be trying to publish the posts in the same order as the topics that are discussed in the Proclamation.

I tell you this, because I want you to be ready to play along...to post right along with us -- 

You see, I might only have 30 days worth of "airtime" on my blog...but you, my friends, also have 30 days worth...and the other blog girlfriend over there has 30 days...

(or as much as possible...even a few days is great!)...
then that sorta solves my dilemma now doesn't it?

(So much housekeeping to do when all that I really want to do is bear testimony of eternal families after reading this post by CK at Bedtime Tales...Send her a little love, won'tcha?)

Anyway, where will you get your inspiration to write these many wonderful posts on The Proclamation?  You will read the guest posts here and at Chocolate each day.   Surely something someone says between our two blogs will stir up something within you...even a small tidbit of a testimony, that you can share with your own readers.

Need more inspiration?
-focus your FHEs on the Family Proclamation in September and share what you do together
-find quiet times to talk to you children about your beliefs on family
-memorize (or re-memorize) the Family Proclamation together
-Give a copy of the Family Proclamation to a friend
-Do one or all of the lessons that I have put together on the FP
-Simply make it a priority to spend A LOT of quality time together in September and let us know how this affected your family!

Then blog about it, and when you do, please link back to a specific post (if you can) so that YOUR POST will SHOW UP ON MY BLOG in the "links to this post" section.  Then other party-goers can read what you wrote each day too!

Also , remember to LINK-UP YOUR POSTS every WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY in special link-up sections that you will find at the end of that day's post.

(More housekeeping!  Bleh!)

Also of note:  The weekly-themed link-up parties are going to be fabulous, because you will make them so!

The schedule of themes is as follows:
Week 1:  Photos inspired by the Proclamation
Week 2:  Crafts inspired by the Proclamation
Week 3:  Sharing the Proclamation
Week 4:  FHEs about the Proclamation

Enter the link-up parties by blogging about the themes and linking up each Monday.

I will give out prizes for the themed link-up parties and PARTY FAVORS for people who blog and COMMENT each day...so COMMENT...A LOT.  

Not just for the prizes, but because you have a lot to share with the world.

Yeah.  You do.  And I can already hear those wheels turning...See you tomorrow!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Doctrine of Family Is The Doctrine of Christ & WINNERS of the RSVP Giveaway

Pop Quiz:  What does the story of Job teach us about Family?
(...answer in a minute...)

Most people think of the trials of Job and recall his faithful testimony and resilience.  But for me, the story of Job is also a testament of the consistency of the gospel of Christ and the eternal nature of the truths found in The Family Proclamation.

 In addition to the many lessons that Job (and we in turn) learned through his trials, we learn that God's people knew about the eternal nature of family, even way back when.

That's right.

Check it out:  In the beginning of the story, we are told that Job had 10 children (seven sons and three daughters.)  We also learn that he had 7,000 sheep and 3,000 camels, and many servants, and so forth.

As the story progresses, Job loses all of his livestock to one tragedy or another.
In addition to that, all of his children die in a freak accident.

Many sicknesses, boils, and one awesome testimony of Christ later, Job proves faithful, and the Lord returns everything that Job had lost...only He doubles it.

So, in the end, Job has 14,000 sheep and 6,000 camels, and so on.

And his kids?  

Job begets seven sons and three daughters.  And it says that in the land were none fairer.

Well, that's nice and all, but if I'm doing my math right, shouldn't he have been given 14 sons and 6 daughters?

What the text does not say, but what is understood, is that because of the doctrine of the eternal family, Job never really lost his first 10 children.  They were all sealed his in eternity.  So the addition of 7 more sons and 3 more beautiful daughters, actually was a doubling of his blessings in offspring.

Obviously, in their day, and to the intended reading audience, the idea that families are forever was so basic and so core to their beliefs that this fact required no further explanation.

However in our day, (although I think that many still hope that families are forever), a basic understanding of the true nature of family and its place in Christ's gospel is fading fast.

That is why the Family Proclamation has been given to us.  
That is why we must teach our children the truths found therein.

As Sister Julie B. Beck has taught, the scriptures have stacked a pretty solid body of evidence to attest to this fact:  The gospel of Christ is based on the doctrine of Family.
And His full gospel includes and is eternally linked to the truths about family, so succinctly outlined in The Family Proclamation.

(You can read her entire talk here.)

Here is one of my favorite lines from her talk,
"we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ," and His full doctrine, 
His doctrine which is based on the theology of the family.  
We are "not ashamed of the gospel of [Jesus] Christ" or His doctrine."

I humbly add my testimony to hers when I say that I support The Family Proclamation, 
because it IS Christ's doctrine, 
and by supporting the doctrine of the family,
I am supporting and following Him.


I hope that you will all carve out a little time each day in September to join us for our discussions on family!  From what I have gleaned from the posts so far, it's going to be quite an amazing experience...sort of like a month-long retreat...only its free and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home!!

Please consider blogging about it, sharing your testimony, commenting, and linking-up each day!  (Click here to read more about the themes for the link-ups!)
You could share something that inspires another person, so please do!
Share away!


The Prizes:

This cool plaque by Strawberry Pearl


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Comment #86:  Christina!

WINNER of a $30 gift certificate to Baby Blvd...

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COMMENT #108:  hwscutie
I think that's you, Holly!

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*If you won, please email me at jocelyn (dot) christensen (at) gmail

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to everyone who donated prizes!

And tune in on Wednesday as we

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Say My Name, Say My Name...

This blog is all my husband's fault.  If you must know.

I might have mentioned this before, but if you are new around here, you might not know.

When I got married, my name changed from Jocelyn Hatch to

Jocelyn Christensen.

It didn't really sink in until halfway through my engagement, that I was literally taking the name of Christ upon me...for all the world to see.

What was this going to mean for me?

One of my biggest worries was that the tech guys at work were going to change my inter-office instant message name from "jhatch" to "jchrist".

(They typically shortened long last names this way.)

It suddenly dawned on me that I would never again feel comfortable blowing off steam under the screen name "jchrist".  I mean how would that look to the person on the other end of the message?  Would J. Christ complain or make a snide remark?  Never.

It turned out that they did not abbreviate my name after all. 
(Thank you, tech guys, for your good judgment!)

But that lesson struck to the core of me and has stayed with me.

I am now Jocelyn Christensen.

It's sort of a mouthful and it takes longer to write, but it has been a constant reminder to me to watch what I do and say, to be kinder, to be wiser, and to shape up!

It has given me a focus in life...an excuse...to use my name to honor Him.

We all have that excuse, right?

If you have been baptized, you have covenanted to follow Him, to take His name upon you, and to remember Him always.

Perhaps I just needed the reminder more than most...and more often...
...like every time I sign my name, 
or answer the phone, 
or read my mail, 
or log in to my email account, 
or introduce myself to a stranger...

When I started having children, I realized that they too would need to understand who they were and the responsibility (and the JOY!) that comes with taking the name of Christ upon ourselves.

So I took my favorite scripture and made it my motto for how I would lead my children safely back to Him.

(I also use it as the theme & focus of this blog!)

"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophesies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins."
2 Nephi 25:26

So now you know.

Thanks for joining me in this quest and encouraging me in my journey!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love for The Family Proc & PARTY FAVORS FOR YOU

The Family Proclamation Celebration is just five days away!

Are you feeling it?

Are you feeling the excitement of:
60 guest bloggers
100's of your posts on the proclamation
Weekly, themed link-up parties with lots of incredible prizes???

And all of this goodness is a result of our dear Cocoa taking a dream and running with it!  I am so glad that she asked me to team up with her.
I am honored to be her "junior companion" in this adventure!

Do I seem nervous and giddy on here lately?

Well, I am.  
It's how I get just before the first guest arrives at my house for a party.  I'm thinking:
Have I done everything?  
Will the food turn out?  
Will people mingle and talk?
Will there be laughter?
Will my guests come and have a good time?  
What if no one comes?

Then the doorbell rings!

That blessed sound makes me jump every time!
(Am I the only one who jumps when the doorbell rings right before a party?)

They've come!  Yay!

Who will make the first joke?  
Who will tell a fun story?
Who will sit on their plate? (I have done that before.)
What memories will we make together?

I love having friends and loved ones celebrating in my home.  
It's a special thing--being together--there's nothing like it.

Well this time around, I'm inviting all of YOU into my online home.  
It's a special thing to me...having you all here with me.  It truly is.  
And celebrating truths about the Family together makes it that much more awesome.

I hope that you will feel comfortable here.  
I hope that you will feel loved and happy here and filled by the Spirit that I hope resides here in my little blog home away from home.  I hope that you will come ready to CELEBRATE and have fun.  And I know that all of my guests will be polite and careful with each other.  I hope that when you leave, you will leave rejuvenated and ready to strengthen and enjoy your own homes even more than before.

So, I guess it's time to let you in on a little secret or two about next month.

Let's start with THE LIST of talented women who will be guest blogging about
The Proclamation & The Family
for our reading pleasure:

They're crafty.  They're courageous.  
They're sassy.  They're fun.

And they believe in Family, just like you...

Let me know if any of these names ring a bell:

Becky of Pensievity

Misty of Creative Itch


Mariel of Or So She Says

Tamarynn of Sew Dang Cute

Kristin of See Me Visit Teach

Margot of Old School

Margot Hovley

Jackie of House of Sarager

Linda of See Mom Smile


Somer of Rainy Day Wren

Tristi of Tristi Pinkston

(and others...tune in to see who!)

Whew!  Now there's a list for you!

Here's another fun SECRET 
(sssshh!  Don't tell anyone...ok, fine, tell everyone!)

In addition to the weekly themed link-up prizes, I've gathered prizes...
for people who comment and post about the Family Proclamation throughout the month.

To enter:
1.  COMMENT AWAY on your favorite posts on my blog each day...

2.  BLOG ABOUT THE FAMILY PROCLAMATION as much as you'd like during the month and leave another comment linking to your SPECIFIC posts.  Link back to us in your post, please so others can join the party!

3.  VISIT COCOA and TELL ME what you liked about her guest post that day, add your two cents, and keep the dialog about FAMILY going, going, going!

It's that simple!

At the end of September, I will choose the PARTY FAVOR winners randomly from all of the comments left on all of the posts.

Here are a few of the party favors that could be yours!

Family Proclamation Celebration
Daily Comment/Blogging
Birthday Countdown- balloons
Birthday Countdown Blocks

Fabric Covered Book of Mormon - Pocket Scriptures
Fabric Covered Book of Mormon - Pocket-sized

2010 Primary Theme - 5x7 Print
2010 Primary Theme Print
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Wood Sign

11x14 Print of this Pecan Orchard Photo

2010 Mutual Theme Blocks Kit
2010 Mutual Theme Blocks Kit

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LDS Children's Little Church Book
Personalized LDS Church Book
Expandable LDS Temple Tote with outside pocket (Black and White Houndstooth)

Expandable LDS Temple Tote ePattern (2 Winners)




Start thinking about what YOU can contribute to the party/discussion on Family.
(Everyone has a story to tell.)

And be ready to blog, comment & link-up!

I will be back on Monday to announce the winners of the RSVP Giveaway!
(You still have time to enter...Friday is the last day!)

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