Friday, February 18, 2011

Message In A Bible

I had a fun chat with my friend over Facebook last night.  It only reinforced what I have been thinking about over the last day or so, and here it is:

Blog posts are not scripture.

Scripture is scripture.

Read your scriptures.

My grandmother read her scriptures.  She really knew her stuff.  So when my Mom offered to give me some of my Grandmother's old copies of scriptures that she had used for years, I gladly took them.  Just to open them and smell her familiar scent on the pages was a joy and a wonder. But to see notes in her hand-writing as well, was also so special and insightful into who she was, what she thought about, and what she valued.

My five-year-old son Guy has adopted my Grandma's old Bible as his own first Bible.  I like the words found on this bookmark that she used:

My Grandma saw more than her fair share of hardships during her lifetime, so I know that this poem must've been especially poignant to her as she sought inspiration and strength in the pages of this Bible.

I flipped a few more pages and found this note that my Mother had typed out for my Grandma using an real live typewriter!  My grandma must've really treasured this note from her daughter to keep it tucked safely inside her Bible all these years.  Along with it was a newspaper clipping of her step-father's obit.  Pressed tightly between the pages all of this time preserved it perfectly.

It would be my crowning achievement if my children were to say these things about me some day!  I can understand why grandma saved this note.

The other night, Guy asked me to read to him from his Bible at bedtime.

When I read, "And God said, 'Let there be light,'" Guy's whole face lit up as he said, "We learned that in church!!"  I felt really close to my Grandma that evening as Guy urged me not to stop reading aloud to him and Scarlett, but to read on.  I decided to wrap up our bedtime rituals by telling them a true bedtime story about my Grandma Gladys and her little brother who they affectionately called Junior.  Guy and Scarlett laid on their stomachs, eyes wide with their fists supporting their chins.  They loved the story which began with tragedy and ended in triumph.

Like I said, it's a true story, about my family.

It really happened, and God was in the details, just like the stories we read about in the scriptures.  They're better and truer and more inspiring and uplifting than any blog post you'll ever read.

So...what are you waiting for?

You've got all weekend.  You've got all day.  You've got this moment.
Put down your mouse and pick up your scriptures.

You'll be so glad you did.

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  1. Amen! And I'm leaving the computer to pick up my scriptures starting.......wait for it.....wait for it.......Now! :)

    Happy Scripture reading everyone!

  2. took me three tries to find how to comment. click to comment here, doesn't work I had to click on number of comments made so far. sweet story, what a lovely tradition to tell family stories at bedtimes...i'm still reading my b of m online-it's easier as the words are bigger. thanks for some good inspiraiton...

  3. Lin that is for people who read on smart phones/readers...

  4. Scripture reading can also prevent bad dreams to help a mommy get better rest. That is tried and tested over and over again. A rested Mama is a better Mama.

  5. I am a "book purist" as my dh calls me. I really have a peeve about people who no longer own a paper copy of the scriptures because they can read them on their iphone, their ipad or their palm's.

    I often ask to read a scripture and you hear the sigh that happens as I have to find it...mine is not instant like the others and the impatience is palatable. I think that is sad.

    I LOVE the scriptures and the paper to me is the way they were ment to be. The convienience is all good on occation, but the paper is the way I prefer. (although don't get me started on the kindle....purist I tell you...something about the tactile feel of the actual book in my hand...)

  6. I love this post, my scriptures are all beaten up, I have post it notes all over my scriptures, underlined verses with glittery markers, etc, etc, etc. I was ashamed for people to see my scriptures, until one day a member of the stake presidency saw my scriptures and said to me "that can only mean that you really put them to work" and I felt happy, it's true my scriptures are the way they are because I take them everywhere with me, even when we travel I take my scriptures, I read them, I scrible on them, so I guess I'm proud of my scriptures just the way they are =D.......what a marvelous thing! that you have your grandma's scriptures, what a blessing!!!!
    I was about to post something about family history, come back to my blog later so you can read it...Have a great weekend!!!!

  7. Perfectly said. There are NO SUBSTITUTIONS.

    What a treasure you have in your Grandmother's scriptures!

  8. Oh yeah, there are no substitutes for the Lord's words in our lives, and I am so thankful for the many times that we spend reading and searching those words. I hope that I am teaching my children how very much they mean to me.

  9. Oh, I love your post today! And, I took a picture and need to email it! And I want to be friends with you on facebook! :-)

  10. What a great post! I have my grandfather's old scriptures, and they are so fragile and old that I'm almost afraid to touch them. But I do treasure them!


    PS. Now you've got me singing the tune to "Message in a Bottle" in my head, substituting the word "Bible" for "bottle."

    Thanks a bunch, pal.


  11. I like what you said that Blogposts are not scripture, Scripture is scripture, Read your scriptures!...TRUE INDEED!

    And i would be thrilled and happy to have a Kindle or an Ipad [if soneone gives me] but i prefer buying the real bbok to read, collect and adorn my humble home!!

  12. Absolutely! I love the NT Study Guide-it's really deepened my study of the NT and I love how the Church provides a great resource like that for free!

  13. AMEN!
    I do wish I had more time to read blogs daily; but at least the scriptures aren't neglected! ;D