Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winners of the Santa's Helper Giveaway: $130 to CSN Stores

The day has finally arrived to announce the winner of the $130 gift code to CSN Stores
to help one thoughtful reader play Secret Santa for a family in need this Christmas.
CSN, as you know has an extensive collection of products to choose from online.
You can find gifts for everyone on your list including TV Stands for the sports fanatic, toys for your favorite little elves, and if I'm on your list (ha ha)...I'll take one of these...

So sweet, right?

With 200+ stores, you'll find some real treasures at CSN Stores.

I am so thankful to them for providing this giveaway.

I received many, many entries for the Santa's Helper giveaway.  It was heartwarming to read the stories that you shared with me.  And you helped me to become more aware of ways that I can help others as well.

As, I mentioned in my original post, I chose the winner from the entries that resonated with me most.  With that said:  ALL OF THE ENTRIES WERE VERY WORTHY CAUSES.   And I hope to share some of their ideas for service with you soon! 

As I received your emails, I starred the entries that especially moved me.  That left me with ten entries from which to choose the final winner.  Then I "cast lots" with Random Number to choose the final winner.

And you know what?  The winner was also one that I clearly remember being especially touched by.  This was meant to be...and I know that the the winner will put the money to good use.  

THE WINNER of the $130:  The winner would like to remain anonymous, but here is a bit of her story.  She has taken in some twin foster children this year and plans to use the money to buy clothing and other essential items for her foster children's siblings who are currently living with other relatives.  I loved this entry for many reasons.  I loved that she had taken these children into her home and her heart, that she was caring for them and keeping the siblings in mind.  Strengthening families, protecting, loving, and sheltering innocent children, and trying her best to keep the family ties strong, even in a less than ideal situation-I believe in that.

Like I said before...ALL OF THE ENTRIES WERE AMAZING and very worthy causes.  There are so many needs out there, and I know that even though there could only be one winner of the $130 to CSN, we are all blessed when we reach out to serve, love, and comfort one another!  Your stories of compassion gave me hope that there is still a lot of good out there in the world!  Thank you for caring enough to do this for one another, for being His hands and doing His work!  

....Before your run off...THERE'S STILL ONE MORE PRIZE TO GIVE AWAY!

3-dimensional Metal Nativity set on Wood Plaque

I'd like to thank Huckleberry Lady on Etsy for providing this beautiful Nativity Display as part of our Santa's Helper Giveaway.  Many of you LOVED her Nativities, so make sure you go back and claim one for yourself.  They really are lovely!


who said, "I visited her Etsy Shop and they have a lot of neat stuff!"


Congratulations, Joy!


  1. What a great opportunity to see how charity brings the best out in people. Thank you for the opportunity to share and to give the opportunity to think about what we could do better as a family and an individual.

    Congratulations to both for the CSN monies and to Joy!

  2. What a darling nativity set! I'm going over there to see what else this lady has going...

    And congrats to all the winners.


  3. great activity and motivator for others. keep up the good work...

  4. Thank you for doing this giveaway! Can I e-mail you my address?

  5. I think you picked an amazing winner and what a wonderful Christmas for those kids! Love the idea for shopping and I will be going there to check them out also.

  6. Yes, Joy, just email me your email address...

  7. i love, love, lve what you're doing in this space. keep it up!