Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Hotcakes

Image from our first Holiday Hotcakes Invitation

We are gearing up for one of my favorite holiday traditions of all time.


I borrowed the tradition from a family friend of my parent's generation who invited all of her dearest, long-time friends to her house for breakfast on Christmas Eve Morning.  As teenagers, my siblings eventually decided that they would rather sleep than socialize with old-timers, but I always hauled myself out of bed for the annual tradition.  I cherished the hour-long car ride alone with my parents and grandparents.  But even more-so I enjoyed seeing them interacting with their friends, people who knew them when they were young.  Somehow, they seemed younger on the ride home.  They smiled longer, laughed louder, and when the reminiscing was finished, there was a calm, quiet, feeling of satisfaction that only comes from being surrounded by people who love you.

When I got married, Steve and I started this tradition for ourselves and named it "Holiday Hotcakes".  The invite usually says something like "come as you are" and "serving  up endless pancakes" and "kick off Christmas with neighbors and friends".  The menu is pancakes, sausage, OJ and milk, so it's pretty low-key and easy.  Some people even come in their jammies, while others come in Christmas garb!

The first Christmas that we held Holiday Hotcakes in our new neighborhood was three years ago, and there was a really awesome turn-out.  I think we all truly felt the Christmas spirit as we celebrated and wished each other well.  It was a very sweet blessing for our little family to have neighbors come out and fill our home with such love, especially since we do not have family nearby to spend holidays with.  I hope that our neighbors know how much their friendship means to us!  It means a lot.

This year, I am anticipating even bigger turn-out (I truly believe in the mantra "the more the merrier"), so we're gonna need a LOT of Bisquick.  I haven't done the math yet, but I'm thinking 6 jumbo boxes at least....But if I find that is not enough, I'll be able to get by, because I recently discovered how to make "homemade bisquick" in a pinch!

I have shared the ancient secret of bisquick-making over at Old School today.  It is an extreme honor to be able to guest post for The Damsel, since she has been such a dear friend and generous mentor to me in the blog world during 2010.  So head on over there where I will divulge my secrets!!!  And please wish The Damsel a Merry Christmas for me, won't you?

*PS - You can view photos from Holiday Hotcakes 2010 by clicking HERE.


  1. How much fun is that! My parents do a similar thing on New Year's Day morning. We always have someone show up at 7:30 am. Merry Christmas!

  2. This is a fun idea, and what a great way to make friends quickly in a new neighborhood.


  3. a wonderful tradition to expand your world of giving on Christmas for your family...

  4. Fun! Is a hotcake a pancake? We use the costco pancakes mix and it goes super far for cheap... I love big groups! I do a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dinner every January and it so hard to keep the list to 40... But I do all the food (14 dishes plus condiments and dessert) myself, so money wise 40 is my top!

  5. That's a really good idea! This year seems to be the start of new traditions around here, that one's going on the list for next year! :)

  6. What a phenomenal tradition! But how ever do you fit everyone in your house?

  7. Oh, what a great tradition!! sounds pretty amazing to me.