Monday, December 20, 2010

The Postal Worker Who Kept Christmas

Meet Becky.

Becky is the woman who runs this post office.

I actually drive past another post office in my hometown of Lewisburg and go two extra miles to another town to go to "Becky's Post Office", because Becky is that kind of a person.  She is patient.  She is kind.  She is sweet to children.  She is helpful and knowledgeable about her job.  She has suckers for the children.  She smiles.  She laughs.  She looks up zip codes, and even helps you pack up your stuff, if you need it.

Becky is a superstar in my book.

Becky is Christlike.

Whatever she is being paid by the USPS, I am sure that it is not enough for the services that she actually provides to her customers.

I went there today with my kids to mail our Christmas gifts to family.  I went there knowing full-well that today is the day that the USPS receives the most packages of the year.

I thought, "This will be the test.  If Becky is cheerful and helpful and patient today, on the busiest of days for a postal worker, then she has real integrity."  And you know what?  
She was awesome, true Becky through and through, just what we've come to expect from her and from the other workers at this particular post office.

My favorite thing about going to Becky to mail stuff is that without fail I leave there feeling happier, warmer, more peaceful, and of more worth as a person, just for being in her presence.  Thank goodness there are people like Becky in the world.

Thank goodness for people like Becky, who keep Christmas in their hearts all year long.


  1. It certainly makes a difference, just a little kindness to others no matter who you are...

  2. i hope becky reads your blog today....

  3. Hurray for Becky! We need more like her!!!


  4. Awesome postal workers are definitely the best!!

    I've been going to the closest one to us for over 5 years...they still don't talk to me like they know me. I'm in there at least twice a week. This post office is in Utah county...I've been known to drive to the post office at the airport because the guy there has suckers, has offered me his car when ours broke down, tells me to say hi to the husband even though he has never met him, loves the kids...the airport po used to be open 24 hours, they've since changed the hours, which has made him have to quit. (he works nights so he can be home with the kids, while his wife works days) Great guy!

    We need more of him and Becky!!

    Way to go Becky!

  5. Wow I never leave the post office feeling GOOD! Maybe I should drive across country to Becky's post office. Actually, today I made the mailman pick up my package from my door!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to someone whom I am sure, works very hard and serves very well.