Monday, December 27, 2010

Making Spirits Bright

We had a blast making gifts for each other this Christmas!

Here is the princess dress that I made for Autumn.
She hasn't taken it off willingly since she got it...
She has worn it to church and even slept in it!

I didn't have a pattern to work off of, so I followed the design of the dress that Scarlett got from Santa last year, and I am thrilled with how it turned out.  I hope to sharpen my dress-making skills in the new year, so this is an encouraging start.

Another gift that Autumn refuses to remove is the necklace that Guy made for her.  Guy stamped her middle name and first initial into two flat metal pendants, and I helped him make them into necklaces for each of the girls.  I showed you Scarlett's necklace previously.  Here is Autumn's necklace as viewed through the thrifted jewelry box that accompanied it:


  1. fun memories. I always wanted 5 little girls to make dresses for and curl their hair but got 4 boys and did I have 3 grand daughters. Finally....

  2. What neat gifts. And I love that you guys made them!


  3. Oh, I love the dress and the necklace. They are both so amazing!! Every girl should feel like a princess!