Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Hotcakes 2010

My friend Tara was so thoughtful to take these photos during our Holiday Hotcakes Christmas Breakfast this year.  We're always too busy flipping pancakes to actually take pictures, so these are a real treasure to have!  Thanks, Tara!


Me "Hostessing"...Steve flipping flapjacks.

Stanko brothers from next door--strong-arming over a pancake?

Nici's kids who came bright-eyed and their jammies!


Our Elf on the Shelf keeping an eye on things!

Joao Pedro and the ever-lovin' Brazilian Claudia!


The Bugenhagens...Baby Wyatt, Paul, Grandma, and Amy Jo.
I feel obligated to mention that these are our friends with two sets of twins, 
so three of her kids are not pictured, but they were there!


Guy modeling his Santa apron.  
Autumn getting into a present while we weren't watching.
Tarin and husband Tom.

Tara's daughter Emma and best friend Lauren!


Jack and The Daniels and Watkins Families


Camilla whose birthday is on Christmas Eve.  Of course, we sang to her.
Cheyenne and son Chandler, Beau, Don, and Vicki who brought her famous keish.


Tarin, Miss Kimberly, andThe Eisenhowers 
who brought relatives all the way from England to our breakfast!

Rick and his wife Lori (who I'm chatting with) behind him.
Always willing to pitch in and lend a hand!

We had about 100 friends and neighbors filter through over about 3.5 hours, and thanks to my husband's hard work, and lots of helping hands, it was such a breeze!

The crowd favorite again this year were the fruit toppings and whipped cream!
Note to self...forget the syrup and double-up on the fruit toppings!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas gift for your friends and neighbors and what a great memory.

  2. WOW! You are certainly the hostest with the mostest heart;)

  3. AMAZING! Sounds like a fun tradition.

  4. ambitious holiday tradition, good for the neighborhood!

  5. Man, I wish we could be your neighbors! :)