Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas In Focus

Our Christmas game plan is slowing starting to come into focus.

My kitchen looks like Christmas exploded in it...quite a mess.

But I am hoping to get my act together soon.

I found this life-sized blow-up Nativity display at Lowe's yesterday.

I am pretty sure that I should not have gotten it, but even Mommies get the "gimmies" sometimes.  Also, I just fell in love with the representation of the Savior of the world being wrapped in a blanket by these lowly, lovely creatures.

It was just too sweet to leave on the shelf...and it was the last one!

When I assembled it at home, the kids were so sweet to watch.

They immediately began fawning over baby Jesus, petting and thanking the animals, kissing the baby and making sure he was comfortable.  Autumn took her beloved blankie and wrapped baby Jesus up in it, then she nestled her mousie next to him.  It was very sweet.  Worth the money, I hope, to see my kids having a nice experience with the manger scene (a la Mr. Krueger's Christmas!).

I am hoping and praying that what we spend our time and money on this season will continue to help my children have a personal experience with our Savior.

We received our December Ensign yesterday, and I read some of it last night before falling into bed.  It is quite a gem.  One of my favorite lines came from the "We Talk of Christ" section in an article called "The Gift".  The author says, 

"Heavenly Father gave this gift to all of us, young or old, rich or poor.  We did not have to search the shops for it.  It did not cost us a single penny.  It did not come wrapped in shiny wrapping paper.  The most treasured gift of all was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger.  It was sent to all of us with love from our Heavenly Father."

I hope to remember that this Christmas, that we don't need things to come unto Christ, we need to continue to seek after His spirit and His gifts and then share them with others.

Please come back tomorrow when I announce the winners of the long-awaited Santa's Helper Giveaway and the Nativity Set Giveaway!


  1. Yes . . . even Mommies need gimmies! How fun!

  2. Loved this beautiful post and the thoughts expressed. I also love the faces of your children as they make themselves part of that nativity scene.

    You've got me in that Christmas spirit!


  3. Oh, my, that is awesome. I want one!! I love the picture of your little boy hugging the baby Jesus!!

  4. how sweet and a gift that will keep giving year after year. good for you!

  5. The Ensign quote makes me think of one of my favorite Christmas songs by Barbara Streisand (who is Jewish, but that's another story, LOL), The Best Gift.

  6. Why is it that almost every post of your makes me tear up? ;) We don't know each other, but your blog is my absolute favorite. It always helps focus my busy, distracted, overanxious brain and constantly serves to remind me of what's really important, at Christmas and always. So thank you! :)

  7. as long as they do not jump in it...your okay.


  8. OH I love it!! This year, I did family gifts for my older children and got them each a Fisher price Nativity set. I gave them the gifts for Thanksgiving. The grandchildren loved it. It is something they can set up year after year. It also is something that brings the message I want to share to others. I love you nativity and totally understand why you wanted it. What a great decoration!