Friday, December 31, 2010

Johnny's Joke Book

I hope you've been enjoying "show and tell" week and maybe even getting some gift ideas for next Christmas.  For my final post, I want to show you a project that I started last Spring and gave as gifts to my siblings and parents this year.  

My Uncle Johnny is known for the jokes that he tells.  He is great at keeping life jolly.  (Incidentally, Uncle Johnny and his wife Patsy are the ones who I made the quilt for this year!)  Anyway, I decided to create this compilation of the jokes and riddles that my Uncle Johnny has told over the years.

I told Johnny and Patsy of my plans in the Spring and asked them to help me out.  They decided to write down the jokes as they came to mind, and then they sent the jokes to me in a series of letters.  I really enjoyed receiving each one.  I put them into book form, accompanied by old family photos and called it "Johnny's Joke Book"!

Here are some of his jokes.

Here are Johnny and Patsy pictured with my Grandma and Grandpa.  When my Grandpa Henry died, less than a year after this photo was taken, Johnny and Patsy, who were named as my Mom's Godparents stepped in and took really good care of both of them.

As I have mentioned previously, my Mom was just a 4-month-old baby when her father passed away unexpectedly.  I love this picture, because it shows Johnny putting my Mom up on his shoulders the way a father would.  Johnny and Patsy sure are beloved in our family, and by me especially.  Johnny and Patsy's only son was born with health problems that caused him to die at a young age.  Now the tables have turned....where they once took my family in as their own, now we have taken them in....and they really do belong to us.
I really wanted to preserve the laughter, humor, and joy that they have brought to our family, and I hope that is what I have done with this gift!


  1. what a great idea and adding the photos makes it more poignant! I'll share that idea with others.

  2. I also have a "Grandma" that I love dearly. She is not mine by blood, but is in every other way that is possible. She is now in her early 90's and slowly dying. I get the opportunity to take care of her and it is such a blessing in my life.

    You are truly lucky and I know that from experience.

  3. That is the best! I love Uncle Johnny already!
    That is so great that you have so many old family photo's too:) Lucky you!

  4. What a sweet gift! I love family sentimental gifts. And he's got some great jokes!