Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Baby Ornaments

So, my friend had her baby last week!

This friend lives about 200 feet away from my front door, but, sadly, I wasn't able to go over there right away, because my three babies have been soooo sick!  Today, though, I stole away to peek in on her little girl while she slept.  She is so beautiful.  And the Mom is a super-mommy: happy, content, and just glowing.  It's great to see!  This is the same baby that I made the skull blanket set for.  I am excited that my friend will be staying home on maternity leave for the next three months...Yay, a playmate for me!!

Anyway, I made these snow baby ornaments as a Christmas gift for the big brother and the new baby sister.  This was one of our Christmas book crafts, but when I realized that they'd make a great "baby's first Christmas" ornament, I decided that both brother and sister needed one...with their names on it, of course.  They are fairly foolproof to make.  It's basically two yarn poms stacked on top of each other with felt faces glued on with hand-stitched eyes.  You can read her full step-by-step tutorial here.


  1. those are perfectly adorable..especially for wee ones enjoying whatever Christmas it is...first or last. so sweet!

  2. fun idea especially to include the new big brother so he doesn't feel leftout.

  3. These are darling! And I LOVE the name Max.


  4. Very cute-and I hope your little ones get well soon.