Thursday, December 16, 2010

Real Men

My husband Steve and I found ourselves both outside of the chapel during Sacrament meeting on Sunday.  Our kids were sick, but it was the Primary Program, and we didn't want to miss Guy's contribution to it.  And he sure did not disappoint.  He delivered his testimony so well when he stood at the microphone and said, "Heavenly Father created my spirit, and Jesus Christ is his son.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me."

After that, Guy came down off the stage and needed water, so I took him out to quench his thirst.  Delivering his line must've caused him to work up quite a dry mouth!  :)

Anyway, as I walked back into the foyer, I saw the scene pictured above:  my husband and my friend Amy Jo's husband standing there bouncing their fussy babies.  And I thought, there is nothing more manly than this scene right here.  So I took a picture with a camera phone, just because I wanted to remember this moment.  This is what real men do!

And we real women love 'em for it!


  1. and we REAL women love 'em for it.

  2. Can I add get an "Amen!"? My husband and I don't have children, but I love to see him holding and playing with my nieces and nephews. As you said, there is something very manly about it. Once, my sweet husband offered to hold a friend's five-month old so she could eat her lunch. I was blown away . . . so thoughtful! And I wasn't the only one who thought it was an awesome sight. I caught his father and brother snapping surreptitious photos of him--just like you and your secret camera phone! =)

  3. I love this! So true, it just does something to me when I see these men in suits taking care of their babies!

  4. My husband can quiet any child. He is so good with babies. I love to watch him with our grandchildren, even the very newest ones, he can handle them all. My heart swells with love for him at those times. He is almost 74 and still has the touch. I also love to see the young fathers with their little ones, so touching. Real men, you said it.

  5. I love that picture! It is very common for me to see that during sacrament meeting, my husband knows I do a lot (and I mean trillions of things) during the week, so he goes outside and walk around the hallways with our children so I can stay and listen to the talks, isn't that sweet?! =)