Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A True Gift

This is what Guy is giving to the girls for Christmas this year--personalized necklaces that he made himself, with just a little assistance from me.  Last year, he made the sweetest soft dolls for his sisters.  This year, I figured he is fairly proficient with a hammer, so this would right up his aisle.

I must admit...I want one for myself, don't you?

Scarlett's middle name is True.  She is named after her seventh great grandmother, so she'll have this special gift from her brother to remind her of her special name.

We picked up two small jewelry boxes at Goodwill today...just perfect to hold a little girl's first jewelry collection.  Autumn's will look just like this, but it will say "A. Frost" instead.

Scarlett is home sick today...My girls are having a long winter's nap on the couch together.

I think I'll join them...


  1. what a sweet gift. great idea to have your kids make gifts for each other.

  2. Pretty cool. I love a gift with meaning that's made by the giver.


  3. Oh I love it. He did an amazing job and it is something they will cherish.

  4. So cute! Guy should open an Etsy shop ;)