Friday, December 3, 2010

Confessions of a Christmas Card Connoisseur

Some people hoard food.

Other people hoard shoes.

Some people even hoard trash.

But I hoard Christmas cards.

I have come to terms with my addiction.  I am at peace with it.

And for the record, I prefer the title Christmas Card Connoisseur.

Over the years, I have received some really sweet words of comfort in Christmas cards sent by some very dear friends and family.  Most of these people probably don't even know how much their gesture meant to me at the time.  But they meant the world to me, so I started saving them, of course.  

Some people put a lot of effort into what they say in their cards and letters.  

Some put a lot of effort into the pictures they include.  

Some are handmade.  

Some have a wicked sense of humor.  
(This one is a tame one for sure...but had me laughing out loud last year.
Can you see that even their dog and cat are wearing Snuggies?)

Still others keep it short and sweet.

Is it creepy that I still have the last five years-worth of the Hopson family's Christmas letter?

I admit that sometimes I even hang up my favorite cards year after this one that I received from the DC Temple presidency while I was an ordinance worker there.

Each family's card is different and reflects their personal style.  

Last night, as I laid my personal Christmas card collection out on the floor, I realized that together they form a beautiful "quilt" of sorts that represents years and years of Christmases in all of our collective lives.  And I realized how the simple act of sending someone a Christmas card weaves you into their lives each year and into their Christmas celebration.  These people are certainly woven into my heart as well

Perhaps, this is why I cannot bring myself to throw out a single card, (even the "pedestrian" ones,) because, of course, it's what's inside the card that matters most and the sentiment behind it that I love.

As you probably already know, Shutterfly is doing a promotion for bloggers to receive 50 free Christmas cards if they post about their cards.  I have to say that I have received many-a-Shutterfly card over the years, and still have them, of course.

They have great stuff...from photo holiday cards to calendars to invitations.

I'm actually not sure that I'll have time to find a family photo to use the 50 free cards for myself, but if I qualify for this offer (which I should, shouldn't I...I mean, I'm like a Christmas card connoisseur!)  Anyway, if I do qualify and don't have time to get my family in for a photo session, I'll most likely pass the prize on to one of my lucky readers, but to be entered you'll have to leave a comment on this post.

A special thank you from me to you for reading all the way to the end!


Have a great weekend!


  1. You crack me up. That's awesome! If you'd like a Christmas card from us I'd need your address though. :)

  2. Wow! I usually try to save my cards each year. I know my mom used to do that and she would have us decorate with them each year. I don't even know if I would have 50 people to send a card to but a free 50 cards would be great!

  3. What a fantastic collection. It's made me rethink the good old Christmas card, as I was about to forgo sending ours out this year.

  4. I love it! I think hoarding christmas cards shows what a great friend you are.....and being able to look back on each and every memory from years gone by is wonderful christmas tradition that I may start this year. You are the sweetest! :)

  5. I think I would be a hoarder if I had somewhere to place my cards. We move too often to keep things like that. Or it would get lost in the shuffle....

  6. If you do pass it on, I don't want it, but I wanted to comment.

    This is a wonderful post. I am amazed that you have kept every single card. I think this makes you a wonderful friend. What a blessing when your friends read this post and see how much you appreciate them.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. I do save all my christmas cards.."Chistmas Cards Quilt'' sounds like a fun idea to display all the cards and remember the people who have remembered us through the years! THANKS!!

  8. I love Christmas cards too and can never bear to throw them away. I keep thinking I should put them in a scrapbook or take pictures of them or something. Love your collection.

    I see we have mutual friends--Derek and Emilie Brown. They used to live in our ward here in Virginia. What awesome people!

  9. We have another item in common. I have kept every card, every letter, every handout over the years since I was a little kid. I've got a few boxes full. I've finally decided to part with some though for a Christmas ABC book I am making for my son. I figured they will live on there so it's okay.

  10. You can hang string accross the living room from a wall to a wall (well about head level) and put all the cards on the string. You just use the bend in the card to put over the sting. Then, the ones that are photos, you use a paper clip or even Christmas colored clothes pins or small chip clips. Also, take your favorite ones and put an ornament holder on them and you can hang them from the branches on the tree. I think there is even a way that you can scan them, print them out on material and make a Christmas quilt with the ones you love the best. See, I have saved many a card too. We usually hang ours everywhere. They decorate the house and bring a smile to my lips.

  11. It's so "you" that you keep all these cards. I find it endearing!

    I, too, love getting cards, but I only keep the "keepers," none of the "pedestrian ones."


    PS. I agree that you should be called a connoisseur. Never a hoarder!

  12. Haha! Maybe that'll save me from having to blog about it to qualify :)

  13. These are so great. I still keep some of my favorites, too! But I don't need to be entered into your generous contest-- you know how crazy I am about doing my own thang;)

  14. I save all my Christmas cards too :). I have them in a large envelope with the year on them. I love the tradition of sending and receiving them! (I got the 50 photo cards from shutterfly! A great promotion for bloggers!)

  15. What a wonderful idea--saving all those jewels of a card. I now wish I had taken the christmas card more seriously. I wish we had taken photos as a family each year. Somehow Dec goes by all too quickly and I never get it done. nice job!

  16. what a collection. I've saved birthday and mother's day cards but had to let Christmas cards go...not room after 70 years of living~lol!

  17. I have 15 gallon size ziplock bags full of Christmas cards, one bag for every year we've been married. :) I can't part with them. IT is kind of fun to see how much families change!

  18. I don't keep all of mine, but Christmas cards is one of my favorite things about Christmas time. I hang them up on the walls as decorations and I spend HOURS (and dollars) sending out our cards every year, but I love it.

  19. I also have kept Christmas cards form past years. I recently had to go through them and sort them out due to a split in the family and the "birth" of a new family. I kept the still special ones - the one's from the last year dad was with us, when my sister was young, etc. The others, which were sent to me when I was in a different family makeup (shall we say?) - I will recycle the fronts as cards, gift tags, wall art, scrapbooking materials and whatever I can think of to put them to good use. I agree with you. They are too precious to simply throw away.