Friday, December 24, 2010

Seeing Ourselves In The Nativity Story

These beautiful ornaments arrived in the mail today.  They are made by Cedar View Christian Gifts and I won them on the Secrets of Mom blog.

The simple beauty of these ornaments really moved me, and had special meaning for me and the journey that I have been on in the last year to follow Christ.  

As I look at them, I realize that we can each find ourselves in the sweet and simple story of Christ's birth.  As Mary, we can deliver our hearts and lives up to Him.  As Joseph, we must quietly serve and bravely follow His words, even when they go against social customs or contradict our human understanding.  As shepherds, we must watch, believe, and follow His chosen messengers.  As wisemen, we must seek Him, learn of him, and go the distance to worship Him.  We must also be willing to lay our very best gifts at His feet, for He is the source of those same gifts!

I think these ornaments are going to stay out on display far into the new year.  Thank you, Heather for sending them my way!


  1. I love what you said on the 3rd we can emulate Mary, Joseph and the wise men's examples of following the Lord and we can celebrate Christmas focusing more on Christ the Savior. Thanks for your testimony.

  2. Aren't they great? They're definitely my favorite ornaments from this year.

    Ever since I have become a mother the Christmas story has taken on more meaning for me. I think about Mary and what she went through. Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without having to travel by donkey when delivery is eminent. Motherhood is difficult enough without knowing that your child will have to become the Savior of the world. I know that being LDS we don't worship Mary the way many religions do, but every time I think of the Christmas story I am grateful for a beautiful and brave young mother who helped make it possible for my family to be eternal.

  3. These are wonderful ornaments! And they don't look too heavy, either.


  4. I just read what you wrote about what we can all learn from the Nativity. What a great way to start of my thoughts of Christmas 2011:)