Sunday, March 28, 2021

General Conference Accordion Book

General Conference is upon us again!  Here is a sweet little General Conference craft we made during Family Home Evening last week that you could easily replicate.

I used this 12 apostles template by Sara J Creations.  You can download and print it for free here or create one yourself by hand.

Sara's accordion book has drawings representing the original 12 apostles from Christ's mortal ministry that children can color in and paste or tape onto the accordion book.

My kids were delighted to do this while listening to this cute song about the names of the original apostles: link here.

When I got my printer working again, I printed off photos of the current apostles and we pasted them to the flip-side of our books.  Because there are currently 15 apostles (12 + 3 who make up the Prophet and 1st Presidency), you will need to cut an additional section to lengthen your accordion book to fit the full fifteen.) 

We played the apostles song (which is set to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me), talked about the apostles then and now, and played a "guess who" game where I would give a clue and the kids would have to find the photo of the correct apostle.

This was a fun activity, but what was even more fun for me was watching my 3-year old carry his 12 Apostles Book around in his back pocket for the next few days.

If you wanted to, you could make it a "face" book of the current Apostles only and allow your children to write the main teachings from each Apostle as they listen to General Conference this weekend.

Looking for more ideas for General Conference-watching with children?  See my Best General Conference Ideas Page.



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