Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Something Unimaginable

I told my kids in the fall to expect this year to unfold exactly the opposite of last year (mostly at-home learning, then go back 5 days in the spring) and so far it has. It's funny how through it all our children have never stopped growing. I heard Elder Uchtdorf say this today: "...even though this pandemic is not what we wanted or expected, God has prepared His children and His Church for this time.
We will endure this, yes. But we will do more than simply grit our teeth, hold on, and wait for things to return to the old normal. We will move forward, and we will be better as a result.
In a way, we are seeds. And for seeds to reach their potential, they must be buried before they can sprout. It is my witness that though at times we may feel buried by the trials of life or surrounded by emotional darkness, the love of God and the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ will bring something unimaginable to spring forth." Something unimaginable is springing forth. I see it in my kids, in the closeness of my neighbors, in myself too, I suppose. The pandemic didn't come as a surprise to God and he has and is providing ways for us to come through it new and better versions of ourselves. But like seeds sometimes we have to be buried by trials in order to grow. God Will Do Something Unimaginable 

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  1. thanks for positive thoughts as we each no matter our age or circumstances have our challenges to grow from...