Saturday, March 27, 2021

Relief Society Birthday Cupcake Decorating Class


There are actually some super-fun things that the pandemic has brought us that we wouldn't have enjoyed otherwise.  One of them happened Tuesday evening when we joined my Mom's ward's Relief Society Birthday event: a cupcake decorating class...via Zoom.

We learned how to make so many cute cupcakes, and that was made so much easier because of technology.  I think  it was even easier than if we had been in person.

And it was really cool to reconnect with my old ward members I knew as a youth.

Later I shared some photos of the evening on FB and discovered that a non-member friend of mine from high school is friends with the cupcake instructor from the class.  Again, more blessings of the last year...more skills gained and more connections and friendships made.  God definitely has a plan.



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