Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Going Home

One of the biggest blessings of our move to Pittsburgh is that I am now so close to my hometown that I can run home to see family at a moment's notice...which is what I did on Friday.

Normally, the first stop is almost always the lake, but on Friday night I had promised to send dinner via DoorDash to my little sister who just came down with COVID and who is quarantining in her home.

We had been talking all week, so I knew that she had been reading a scary novel.  So I decided to do what any good sister would do, and I scared the living daylights out of her.  She didn't know that I had driven up to the area, so I brought her her dinner instead of having it delivered.  I dropped the bag on her porch and texted her that her food had arrived.  When she opened her door, I jumped out at her.  We both screamed so hard, then laughed so hard we couldn't catch our breath for a few minutes. (Don't worry, we were masked and had a screen door between us.)

Earlier that day, I was chatting with her about the simple joys that make us so happy as a child, and how those are sometimes few and far between as an adult.  Well, scaring her was definitely one of those simple joys...well-worth the two-hour drive to experience it.  Not sure if she'd say the same, but it was a sister moment that will not soon be forgotten.

The next stop was to see my parents, which was the main reason for the trip.  They are both getting surgeries in the next week.  My other siblings are coming over Easter and to tend to them, so I figured we'd come when they weren't there.

Here is Honor and my Dad at the opening of the small beach that we frequent near their home whenever we visit.  My Dad is prone to picking up litter to keep the beach clean.  He wanted to climb down this cliff to pick up all of the trash that had been revealed when a bunch of trees were removed.  I talked him out of it, since it was kind of dangerous.  He just doesn't slow down.  Always working.  Always serving.  I love my Dad.

About 24 hours later we were back home again.  It was quality time with my Mom and Dad.  I pray everything goes well with their surgeries.  And I'm glad I followed the prompting to rush home and see them.

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  1. what a sweet experience, thanks for sharing. Families is what it's all about.