Saturday, March 20, 2021

Welcome Spring!


It's Spring!  Things are going to start coming alive again.  Spring is so joyful to me...with General Conference, Easter, and the chance to celebrate my son Val's arrival in the world.

But before the buds emerge I wanted to share this photo of Lake Erie that I took in February.

It doesn't matter what time of year I visit home (which is right on the shores of Lake Erie outside of Cleveland, Ohio), the Lake is always beautiful.  Stormy or calm, day or night, Summer or Winter, the Lake is all of my family's favorite place to seek solace.  The rhythmic sound of the waves alone is so soothing.  It's a great place to think...and it's right across the street from my parent's home.

It is also one of God's creations that is always there...a constant, but it is never the same place twice.

I am so grateful for the Lake and other spots that God created that feels so personal to me.

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  1. wow, didn't realize the lake was across from your parents home...