Friday, March 12, 2021

Painting Watercolor Chicks


It was an exciting week in homeschooling last week, as Honor had her homeschool evaluation, which is just someone reviewing samples of her schoolwork and interviewing her to make sure she has actually been taught.

As the homeschooling mama, this is a big relief to me to have this done, although I don't have the letter quite yet, we're getting that much closer to completing 2nd grade.  39 days of schooling left!

In the meantime, we've busied ourselves by diving into water color painting.

Honor's friend, our neighbor, has to stay home for 2 weeks to quarantine because she was exposed to someone with COVID in class, so that means, around 11am each day, she now has a playmate her age.  And Friday, that meant that we had an extra painting buddy.

Aren't these chicks just the sweetest?  They're so easy to do.

You basically start by painting about 5 different colored, quarter-sized circles on a page (watercolor or sketch paper works well.)  Then you add triangles for wings and beaks.  Add yellow x's of some kind at the bottom of the page to form straw.

Allow your painting to dry, and then using a permanent marker, add eyes, legs, outlines, and other details.

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