The Best General Conference Activities, Ideas & Tips

Here are my very favorite, tried & true General Conference ideas, traditions, and activities.  I have tried to cut through the sea of Gen Conf ideas that are out there to include just the ones that have worked best for us over the years.  Click on the links below to learn more about each one.  

If you are looking for our General Conference Review Lessons, please check out our General Conference Lessons page with links to all of our fun, kid-friendly General Conference lessons!

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How I prepare MENTALLY for General Conference:

Preparing YOURSELF for General Conference

When the Prophet Says Jump: my top 3 simple tips for Conference Prep

K.I.S.S. General Conference: a reminder for the Marys and Marthas

Watching General Conference with Children: A Paradigm Shift

Elder Hales' Oct 2013 talk "Strengthening Faith & Testimony": No list would be complete without it!

The Best Part of General Conference that I was Overlooking

How to HELP CHILDREN & Families get the most out of General Conference:


APOSTLE STICKERS to use during Conference

Listening to a Prophet's Voice FHE idea

Last-minute General Conference FHE ideas

Create a General Conference Wall

Creating a General Conference QUESTION WALL

General Conference Reverence Stations - We do this every time and vary the activities.

Helping kids ration their General Conference packets

A General Conference Banner & Note-taking Method

Reverence is more than just quietly sitting...(Here is the line drawing I used for my President Monson Embroidery pattern pictured above.

General Conference Memory Game (Updated) - Use before, during, and after!

Fantasy General Conference (Updated every Conference) - a fun way to get teens involved.

General Conference Comic Books for Notetaking

ABCs of General Conference - method for taking notes

Conference Cake: my family's long-standing tradition

Create a General Conference Mosaic during Conference (You might have seen us in the March 2014 Friend.)

My FREE General Conference Doodle Book and Doodle Book 2 and 

LDSConf Notebook for October 2017


"The Ultimate General Conference Activity Packet" download

The LATEST Sugardoodle Conference Packet download

Two favorite General Conference Note-taking downloads I have used in the past here and here.

For Moms who find their hands full during Conference: a note-taking alternative

A Faith in God General Conference Companion workbook (available for free if you Pin it and message the shop owner)

Getting the most out of General Conference AFTER IT'S OVER:

General Conference Review Lessons: a whole series of quick object lessons that you can use to teach the messages of General Conference to your children.  (Updated each Conference.)

General Conference Book Club: How to start one of your own

A Perpetual General Conference Notebook 

Activities we have used in Reverence Stations:

LDS Lacing Cards
General Conference Memory Game
General Conference Collages
Make your own "I Spy the Prophet" Spyglass
Family Proclamation Coloring Pages
Make General Conference Bracelets
General Conference Mosaic
General Conference Bingo Cards
Articles of Faith Puzzles
Apostle Hand-writing Worksheets (in cursive)
"Conference is Awesome" folder by Allison Kimball
The Sugardoodle Conference Packets
Dry-erase board note-taking for little ones
Legos, blocks, play dough, puzzles, etc. at separate stations

General Conference Crafts: to make/use before, during, and after Conference!

Make these wooden Apostle Blocks using the Friend's Special Witness Cards!

Other fun General Conference Traditions that I give TWO THUMBS UP!: 

Dinner with the Apostles: Guess who's coming to dinner?  Elder Andersen or any other Apostle you'd like your family to spotlight!

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Conference Center!


  1. What fun to open up the Friend this month and see those cute little faces! My boys did your mosaic activity last Gen Conf, and they LOVED it! We left it up for weeks. ;) Can't wait to do it again! Thanks for listing all these great ideas in one place for easy reference. I'll be coming back to it (often, I'm sure!)

    1. I had a hard time taking ours down as fact, I might still have it! :) Wonder what we'll make/do this time!!!

  2. Thank you for linking Dinner with the Apostles! That was very kind :)