Sunday, March 14, 2021

Fed by the Missionaries


For the better part of the last year, we've taken to signing up to provide meals for the missionaries on a weekly basis.  Frankly, it's easier for me just to sign up for the same day each week than to have it sneak up on me irregularly.

But we normally have six elders to feed, and when Thursday rolls around it's a bit of an all-afternoon affair getting dinner ready for our elders AND my own family...and then transporting the dinner/dessert to them and at the time they need it!

It always gets done, but I'm usually breaking a bit of a sweat to do it, and today, my feet were killing me due to a three-mile walk I had gone on earlier in the day.

I decided to text the missionaries and ask them to meet me in the parking lot of the complex, so I wouldn't have to carry the food up the steps to their apartment as it would have taken me multiple trips.

When I pulled into their parking lot, I saw them all standing there, their faces beaming with bright, hopeful, happy-to-see-food smiles, and it just warmed my heart so much.

As I pulled away, I just felt so much love for them and gratitude for their sacrifice.  The worries that caused me to embark on my early morning walk, were momentarily washed away by the spirit that washed over me for that brief moment.

I might feed the missionaries, but doing so feeds me.

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