Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt


Since moving here, we've always had a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Actually, we started it three Easters ago, then took one year off for Covid, and we were back at it this year.

It's a really sweet and simple event.  We ask each family to bring 12 treat or prize-filled eggs to the park and we let the kids hunt for them in their own baskets.

One of the sweetest things that I'll remember from this year is that there was a family who wasn't able to attend because they had caught covid.  I figured they'd be sad.  This is a really fun family who loves celebrating holidays.  So we collected eggs for them and made an egg hunt in their yard.

They're reaction was very sweet and I know it meant a lot to them.  It was just a simple thing, but it just made my whole day to see the smiles this brought to their little faces.

The simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ and loving others is real and good.

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