Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Neighborhood Field Day

It's been a long pandemic!  But here's an idea that might bring a few smiles the faces of kids you know!

At the end of last school year, we decided to hold our own Field Day for our kids and the children of our neighborhood, since our school's field day had been canceled.

It turned out to be one of the best events of 2020 and it was so fun to be involved and see the kids laughing and doing "normal things" for a change.

Here's what we did, if you'd like to host one this year:

First we gathered, and one of the neighborhood dads lead all of the kids in a series of stretches. (I think we had about 40 kids?)

We split the children up into three age groups and we had them rotate through three physical challenges three times (for a total of 9). There were two parents who served at "coaches" for each group.  They ran the events and kept tallies for each exercise for each child.

For example, the first rotation was things like:
1. How many times can you hop on one foot in 1 minute?
2. How long can you stand on one foot.
3. How many sit-ups can you do in 1 minute?

For the second round we did other events, like the standing jump, and playing parachute games, etc.

Then we did three-legged races, which was hilarious.  Even the parents joined in.  We did a sprint and a "long" run around our park.

Then we took a break for lunch.  Each family sat together on a blanket and ate lunches they had brought.  Then we did an "awards ceremony".  Beforehand, I had given each set of parents a paper certificate for each of their children.  They filled it out with something they were proud of their children for doing in the last year of distance-learning.

After lunch, we all sat on the grass and cheered as each parent stood up and sang the praises of each of their children.  It was a super amazing and special moment.  And each kid just beamed to be awarded and recognized for their special efforts during a difficult year.

Then we did a round of water games: sponge/water relay races, water balloons, and gigantic bubbles!

The giant bubbles might have stolen the show.  I will share that recipe in the next post.


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