Monday, March 15, 2021

We finally bought the lumber

There's a boy who lives down the street from us, in a different neighborhood, actually down a country road.  He looks to be about 10 years old.  He sits out on nice days at a small "tv table" with a handmade sign that reads "lumber for sale".

I went to pick Scarlett up from school the other evening, and when I returned he was still sitting out hoping for a sale.  I said, "Next time I pass him, I'm going to buy some lumber."  Instead of waiting until "next time" I decided to turn the car around and buy the "lumber" now.

I asked the boy how much he was selling his "lumber" for.  He promptly quoted me a price of $59 for a pile of about ten pieces of crudely chopped wood like the two shown above.  

Scarlett and I had to contain our shock and then giggles.  Then I looked at the small axe that had clearly been his weapon of choice against the unsuspecting tree, and I figured he probably did put $59 worth of blood, sweat, and tears in to his work.

I asked him what $3.00 would get me.  He gave me these two pieces of wood, and then he said, "I'm glad you came along, I wasn't having a very good day..."

For some reason that just hit me.  We had done the right thing.  We turned around when we felt we should, and bought this boy's lumber.  And now these are my two favorite pieces of lumber in the world.



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