Friday, January 22, 2021

you look familiar

So, Honor, my 8 year old, is super obsessed with the fact that, as she puts it, we are twins!  She is soooo proud of this.

She makes me take pictures with her all of the time to prove it.

It's just a funny thing that I wanted to remind myself of when I stumble on this photo later in life.  

When I look in the mirror, I see this old woman where a perky young lady used to always be!  But when my daughter looks at me, she sees herself, which to me is the greatest compliment she could have given me, because I think the world of her.  

She is strong, active, smart, funny, and kind.

When she gets an idea, she runs with it.  Like last week, when the older kids finally all went back to school in-person (just for one day, mind you!)  she decided to create her own board game.  It's called Holiday Travel, and it's really fun.

I am grateful for the time that Honor and I have had together during the pandemic to solidify our bond, as if having matching faces wasn't enough to do that already.  She is always in my heart.


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  1. I have a match in my family too, my grand daughter Rory-from my youngest son Jeff. So fun to see the resemblance. On you can check out who you look like of your ancestors with facial recognition. I see in your photo a young vibrant intelligent loving mother who is doing an excellent job with guiding and training her children to be adults one day. Teenagers not counting because they already think they are! I have two of them now middle-aged. I would love to be your age again but I'm truly old-elderly 80 now. Enjoy each precious moment now, too soon they are just memories but then you have grandchildren to start all over with again...