Wednesday, January 6, 2021

One Fine Day

It's wild how the no-good days can stand side-by-side with the wonderful, amazing days.  In the calendar year of 2020, we had two absolutely glorious days that are worth carving in stone to remember forever.  The first was when Scarlett received her patriarchal blessing.  The second was when Honor was baptized.  Both were landmark events, marked by peace and power.

It's fun when your kids become an example and a strength to you.  Scarlett is absolutely that for me.  (As are my other girls!)  She has such a light, hope, and faith that shines so bright.  Because she has chosen to embrace the gospel and seek a testimony of her own, she has grown a lot during the last few years.

Because she is such a social person, she could have suffered during quarantine, being locked away from friends and not having a smart phone, not attending in-person school, having to suffer turmoil at home.  There was loneliness for her.  These could have been real stumbling blocks for her.  Instead she turned them in to stepping-stones.

She chose to turn to service, scripture study, creating and writing new songs, journaling, playing with her siblings to strengthen her bond with them, attending at-home church, and seeking her patriarchal blessing.

When she started to think seriously about getting her blessing, she asked me some questions.  At the precise moment she wanted to ask me these questions, I was trying to get some rare me-time in my room.  So she called me on her flip-phone and asked me her pressings questions about Patriarchal blessings.  I answered her quickly, and got off the phone, not knowing she was really at a turning point in this decision!  During our brief phone call, she felt the spirit very strong telling her it was time to get her blessing, but to make sure, she prayed and again got a confirmation that this was the right thing to do. When I came out of my room, she said, "Mom, I'm ready to get my blessing.  What should I do next?"

We were blessed to be able to get an appointment with the stake patriarch quickly. This hasn't been the case for others during the pandemic.  About a month later, after much anticipation, we were standing in a chapel with the patriarch and his wife, ready to receive her blessing.  My mom drove down from Cleveland to sit with our other children so it could be a moment focused just on Scarlett.

The blessings itself was just as beautiful and amazing as Scarlett is.  What kind of blew me away was that the Patriarch had only met Scarlett moments earlier, and yet he was able to describe her strengths and potential in the blessing as if he'd known her all of her life.  This was a true testament to me of the absolute truth of Priesthood power to receive revelation, and that God really was the one giving Scarlett this blessing.  A more suitable blessing couldn't have been given, even if I'd written it myself. In fact, the blessing even opened MY eyes to how special this daughter of God is, which is saying something because I already think she's great!

This was such a special day, a blessed day, a day to raise our sights to eternity.  As a parent it's one of those days you absolutely live for.  Thanks to Scarlett for living a life worthy of these promised blessings!

In the days that have followed, Scarlett has continued to grow.  She reads her blessing every day!  Along with scripture study and journaling.  Seeing her do this, has inspired me to read my blessing more often also.  And her younger sister has been inspired to read her scriptures daily as well.


  1. how special. I still have copies of my four son's blessings. Unfortunately two of them have not chosen to follow the path of promised blessings for them. But that's agency...there's still time for change!

  2. It's those parental paydays that make it all worthwhile.