Saturday, January 2, 2021


A few years ago, my blog was listed in some online list of good LDS blogs and the writer wrote some disclaimer that the blogs listed could go out of activity at any time. I thought that was a weird thing to write and it kind of annoyed me, frankly. Like, I don't need self-fulfilling prophesies like that, friend!

My life priorities got shifted real quick soon after that and I moved and had a couple more kids, and things that I always did such as blogging went to the bottom of my to-do list.

Isn't that just life sometimes?  I find my life feeling really hard these last few years. I find I'm in the part of my life that my Patriarchal blessing so frequently and ominously refers to as "difficult times."

When I get in the fog of life I find it hard to study and keep up Family study, but I rededicate myself as I can and today was one of those moments.  We bought new notebooks and markers and I sat with the kids making a page beautiful.

I added a scripture from section 1: "And in as much as they were humble, they might be made strong and blessed from on high and received knowledge from time to time."

I need to receive knowledge from on high to navigate the difficult times.  I am hoping that being more dedicated to scripture study this year will help me do this.


  1. I've missed your blogs but have been following you on Facebook. We all have difficult times and they don't stop at a certain age but increase so you can continue to grow and develop your faith in prayers being answered...

  2. Mothering is a full-time occupation; we constantly have to recommit to carving out time to read and study the scriptures. May we be consistent and successful this year! Keep pressing forward with steadfast faith in Christ.