Sunday, January 31, 2021

Black History Month Free Teaching Resources


I'm gathering resources to help teach Honor about significant contributions to civil rights for Black History Month, and I thought I'd share them here.

First, I downloaded a free power point lesson about Rosa Parks and the bus boycott from Twinkl.  I actually learned something from the lesson myself that was different than I had always thought about her story and found it pretty enlightening. Download it free here. (You will just need to create a free account to download it.)

Here are some more free resources that you might incorporate into a Family Home Evening Lesson with your family:

*Free Download of Powerpoint and Activities for 6-8 graders to learn about three Black figures in history. Download here.

*"Who am I?": Notable Black Heroes. I plan on using this to either have her research the heroes listed or test her at the end of our unit. She lists a lot of great books to use too.

*Free links to activities for preschoolers. I'm excited to do this activity using the book called Today by Julie Morstad.

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