Saturday, January 30, 2021

Oath of Office


In homeschool this week, I had a really nice time watching the Inauguration with Honor and the little boys.

I was praying my heart out leading up to this week that things would be peaceful.  I really wanted to be able to show my daughter something positive about our country, and my wish was granted.

It was really amazing to show my 8-year old daughter the first ever black, female Vice President being sworn in and to listen to the words full of promise and hope spoken from the stand.

I think working as a journalist in my early career and attending college with people who all thought differently from me ensured that I would be a moderate person politically.

I have amazing memories of covering two Presidential Inaugurations and a National political convention during my time working in the media.  And I have wonderful memories of watching the Inaugurations from home and celebrating with my children, helping them to appreciate what a privilege it is to have a country governed by laws and leaders who rule at the request of the people.

 On Inauguration Day, a friend of mine shared this quote: 

"A presidential inauguration is a civic ceremony that transcends the person being inaugurated.  It is an act of state, not politics.  It's primary purpose is for the president-elect to take the constitutionally required oath of office, and for the people by witnessing it to bind him to that oath." - D. Todd Christofferson

I'm praying for our country as we move into this next chapter.  

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  1. It was a wonderful moment but sadly many close friends don't share this view. Now is the time to reconcile and go forward as a united nation...