Thursday, January 14, 2021

Lucky 60 Minute Dinner Rolls

I'm sharing some of my favorite recipes over the next little while, recipes that might be kind of simple, but that add a little magic to our family traditions.  This one was given to me by my friend Lauren Miles. But like all good recipes, this one morphed into not just 60 minute dinner rolls, but LUCKY 60 minute dinner rolls! 

This happened about 7 years ago when we were doing a Christmas Traditions Around the World study at home.  It's a Serbian tradition to make Christmas bread which has a coin hidden in it.  The person who finds the coin is said to have good luck in the coming year. It's called Cesnica.

We used this recipe that year and all of the kids present (including my sister's children) were thrilled to find a quarter in their rolls.  (Watch out though, the coins stay hot for a little while!) I add enough coins for the little kids at least to find a quarter.  It just depends on the dynamic of the crowd.  We did this today after church, and my girls were thrilled to find quarters, poking their fingers in all of the rolls!  Unfortunately, they're going to have to make their own good fortune this year, because only the little kids found quarters.

Anyway, here's the recipe. I like to double it. If you use sifted flour the rolls rise even higher and you can make the rolls larger or smaller depending on your preference.  You can bake them in muffin tins or on a flat baking sheet.  In the photo above I baked close together so they can be pulled apart for our Christmas celebration.

60 Minute "Lucky" Dinner Rolls 

3.5-4.5 cups flour

3 Tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 pkgs (4.5 tsp yeast)

1 cup milk

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup butter

Stir together 1.5 cups flour, salt, sugar, and yeast in a mixing bowl.

In a separate, microwavable bowl, combine milk, water, and butter and heat until liquids are 120-130 degrees.  (Butter does not necessarily need to melt.)

Transfer to Bosch mixing bowl and gradually add dry ingredients.

Beat 2 minutes at medium speed.

Add 1/2 cup flour, beat for 2 minutes on high.

Stir in enough flour to make a soft dough.

Turn on to lightly floured board and knead 5 minutes by hand OR knead 5 minutes in mixer.

Place in greased bowl, cover, and rise for 15 minutes.

Split dough in half, half again....form into 24 round dinner rolls.

*On special occasions like Christmas or New Year, I high a coin, usually a quarter, or two for my kids to find.  If you find a quarter in your roll you get "good luck"!

Place in greased muffin tins or a flat cookie sheet.

Rise 15 minutes.

Bake 10-12 minutes @425.

Makes 24 rolls.

For my family, I double this recipe.

Great with soup or makes yummy sliders with a slice of ham or turkey.

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