Sunday, January 10, 2021

Honor's Baptism


Without a doubt, the day that Honor entered the waters of baptism was the most peaceful day our family saw in 2020.

The feeling of peace was so tangible.  Nothing can erase that memory for me.

What was really unique about this baptism for us was not even that only our immediate family (plus my mom and dad) could attend because of the pandemic, because we generally like quiet and small attendance at ordinances anyway.

What was unique was that the water heater at our chapel was broken, so Honor was faced with a choice: Delay the baptism to another week or month OR get baptized in cold water.

This was an easy choice for her to make: She would brave the cold water and get baptized as scheduled, on her birthday!

We did not Zoom the baptism, because we just wanted to focus on our girl and her ordinance, but my parents were able to make it here to join in and give a talk.

Honor was baptized wearing the dress that I wore when I was baptized...which was sewn by my mother. She also wore a necklace that her other Grandma Christensen sent from Utah.  She wished she could have been there, but COVID made that too much of a risk.

My Dad gave a talk on baptism and the Holy Ghost.

The younger brothers passed out programs.  Guy said a prayer.  Scarlett and Autumn sang a special song accompanied by my Mom and took a moment to say that now they're not just sisters, but sisters in Christ and that they will always be there to support each other in making good choices in life.  It was really sweet during the song when Honor sang back to them.

I think my favorite part of a baptism of my children is getting to be with them in the changing room right after they come out of the water.  They are so bright, innocent, and joyful.  And I get to take that all in myself.  It's one of the rewards of Motherhood.  And Honor was particularly fun!


I don't know if it was the thrill of being baptized in the freezing COLD water or if it was just her perky personality, but she was hopping around, shivering, and saying over and over, "I can't believe I just got baptized!!!" and smiling from ear to ear.

If I could save one day of 2020 and bottle it to revisit from time to time, it would be this one.  I hope Honor remembers it always.


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