Monday, January 25, 2021

Tour Church History Sites from Home

Honor got a camera for her 8th birthday, and she's having so much fun taking pictures of our family and making videos with her little brothers.  I'm glad she has that camera to be creative, to entertain herself and tp pass the time.

How have you gotten through months of pandemic quarantine?  Like me, maybe you've been baking and feeding your family to keep everyone happy?

I'm reaping the effects of this choice, but there will always be good memories regardless of the pounds we've all gained!

I'm looking forward to doing a bit more low-calorie activities this winter by taking virtual tours of some Church history sites.  

Here is a list, some we've done so far:

Laie Hawaii Temple and Visitors' Center: 

Historic Nauvoo (Brick Shop)

And we're looking forward to doing these virtual tours in the coming weeks:

Mormon Battalion Center at San Diego

Virtual Tour of Rome Italy Temple:

A friend of mine posted photos of temples they'd like to visit and it got me thinking of how fun it was to "travel virtually" this December visiting foreign countries, so we'll see how this goes.

You can check out more church history sites and their availability for virtual tours here and here.

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  1. fun ideas...I enjoy several podcasts from family history library and history of the Church firesides. YEsterday had 3 podcasts/zoom meeting plus in house sacrament meeting!