Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Some Personal Progress in the Children and Youth Program

 My girls, how I love my girls!

Two years ago, I worked really hard to help my oldest daughter accomplish her Young Women Recognition Award, while she was still just 12 years old (and before the program was replaced with a different one.)  I found this process to be very helpful in her spiritual progress and maturing.

Although the Children and Youth Program has put that old goals program aside, I am still trying to replicate that with my second daughter Autumn.  Autumn helped a lot with Scarlett's projects and I know she was looking forward to doing something similar, so we're moving forward using the old book as guidance/inspiration.  I want to give her lots of opportunities to seek revelation on her own for what she will do, but there is at least one project that she's doing in a similar way to what Scarlett did.  And we just got approval from her principal to work on this project today.  Here's a little sampling of what Autumn will be making (individualized, handmade locker signs and LOTS more of them) for her classmates:

Just 324 more handmade locker signs to go...

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