Monday, January 18, 2021

It's a Different World


My girls are very excited for the future.  Every since Scarlett earned her Personal Progress award, her eyes have been turned toward college: What it takes it get in, where she should go, what it will be like.  Every now and then, she opens the topic back up and asked us all of the questions.

For some reason, I remembered the early 90's TV show "A Different World" was all about college students, so we started watching it on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago.

The title of the show could not be more appropriate.  Looking at the world we live in today, 30 year later, it certainly is a world apart.

In the show, the girls dress up for class, wear pantyhose and skirts on dates, and no one has a phone.  They just use the pay phone in their dorm hallway!  Because of this, the roommates and coeds are often seen singing together, playing cards together, just having real and deep conversations....kind of like my college experience.

It depicts a simpler time, maybe one closer to the world my girls live in since they don't have smart phones yet.  But at the same time, this show set in the late 80's/early 90's manages to address some tough/sensitive topics with a lot more layers and common sense than I think we find shouted across social media and on the news in our day.

Anyway, since today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I wanted to share this as a family of teens viewing option.  Some episodes that opened up some good discussions for us (some of which deal with MLK's ideal) are from Season 2 "Radio Free Hillman", "No Means No", and "Citizen Wayne" and from Season 3 "To Have and To Have Not".

These are free to watch if you have Amazon Prime.  I hope you have a wonderful MLK day!


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